3 Must-Haves for Any Trip


It’s happened to all of us. You’re on a trip and a situation arises where you think “wow, it would’ve been really convenient if I had brought _______”

What’s worse is that you can usually even visualize exactly where the item is in our homes. But when you’re thousands of miles away, there’s no running back home to go pick it up. To avoid the most annoying complications while traveling, here are three items that are often left behind but are best to take along on every trip.

1.) First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits for travel house items that not only bandage up wounds but help keep us safe when we’re out on the road. Items like whistles, matches, a compass, and even emergency space blankets can be kept inside. For as much utility as First Aid Kits have, they’re surprisingly compact and are very light making packing easy.

Many First Aid Kits come with a variety of items in it but you might want to customize your kit depending on the type of trip you are taking. For instance, a First Aid Kit for a bike tour might have items such as a bike pump and repair kit, where a hiking First Aid Kit will not.

If you’ve purchased a First Aid Kit recently be sure to add to it. Some helpful items to put in your First Aid Kit include a multi-tool, safety pins, a bandanna, a portable flashlight, medications for fever and pain, as well as sunscreen.

2.) Back Up Documents

No one ever wants to imagine losing important paperwork. But if you have copies of important documents such as bank cards, your driver’s license and of course your passport, then replacing those items becomes a lot easier and faster. The best solution is to not only have copies of all important documents with you, but to have copies at home with a reliable person. That way, in case you’ve lost both the original and the back up documents, you can call your trusty friend to send, fax, or email you copies.

3.) Vitamins

While traveling, we’re putting a lot of stress on our bodies. We’re jetlagged, we haven’t slept properly, we’re eating strange new foods, and we’re exposing ourselves to a strange and exciting new environment. All of these components combined lower our immunities and increase our chances of getting sick. Taking vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin, C, and Zinc can help boost our immune systems and replenish the essential vitamins that might be lacking in our suddenly changed diets. Also taking a Probiotic helps with keeping healthy levels of good bacteria in our stomachs preventing things like upset stomach, traveler’s diarrhea, and gas.

We Also Love: Emergency Space Blankets

The Emergency Space Blankets found on this list here can literally save your life!

We could go on and on with this list. What do you consider essential for traveling?


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