6 (More) Travel Apps Every Solo Female Traveler Should Have


We’ve given you some of the best essential travel apps and even a few you’ve never heard of, and today we will add to and update that list! Check out some of the following apps that our very own adventurers use regularly on their travels!


WhatsApp is a messaging platform that uses wi-fi or your phone’s regular internet data plan to send texts, instead of having to pay for SMS rates.

The best part? It’s free to text from anywhere in the world to anyone who also has a WhatsApp account! Plus, this means you don’t have to stress about huge data fees if you’re roaming.

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone

Cost: Free the first year, $0.99 every year thereafter


We’ve blogged quite a bit about Couchsurfing: its benefits, precautionary steps solo females might want to take while using it, and we always try to be honest. But generally speaking, we love Couchsurfing. All the Couchsurfing app does is make your CS profile more accessible to you if you’re on the go and without your laptop.

The best part? Need to check in with your host? Need to send a request? Just want to check out a meet-up? It’s all available in the app.

Available on: iPhone, Android

Cost: Free!


TripIt connects to your email and automatically finds flight info, hotel or hostel confirmations, car rental notices, anything related to travel, and stores them all in one place so you can access them whether you’re online or off! No more of that tedious shuffle through your bag to find that crumpled up, printed email with a flight confirmation number on it, or having to wade through your whole email account for directions to your hostel. (Maybe this is just me…)

The best part? You can easily share your trip info with friends or family within the app! Also, because it’s a regular website you can do whatever you do on the app in their online platform.

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Cost: Free! Without ads, $0.99/yr and you can update to TripIt Pro for $49/year if you really wanna.


I started using this photo editing app after Adventurous Kate recommended it, and my travel photos have looked that much more stellar ever since!

Crop, edit lighting, put on frames, add drama to clouds and scenery, all at your fingertips. A tidbit of trivia: Google bought out Snapseed in 2012 and have started adding their editing tools in Google+!

The best part? It really is versatile and easy-to-use!

Available on: iPhone, Android

Cost: Free!

Weather Channel

Travelers often encounter weather they maybe aren’t so used to seeing at home (example: I learned last year just how different February in Slovenia is, compared to February in Arizona). Having an app that will tell you not only the forecast of the day, but for the next 10 days will make packing easier. And, you know, dressing yourself in the morning with the appropriate number of layers is usually helpful.

The best part? Recent updates to their app means that Weather Channel displays super current weather patterns, temperatures and what the temperature feels like, and even predicted end times to rain, etc.

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Cost: Free!

XE Currency

Trying to stay under budget while shuffling from currency to currency can get pretty tricky, but with the  XE Currency App you can stay up-to-date on the latest exchange for over 180 currencies.

The best part? The app saves the most recent currency rate, so if you’re offline or in a remote area, no sweat!

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Cost: Free! (For the ad-free upgrade, and to follow more currencies at a time, it’s $1.99/year.)

What are some of your favorite travel apps? Are we missing any? Share in the comments!


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