6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


In travel, as well as in life, confidence is the key to making you feel comfortable no matter where you are, no matter what the circumstances may be.

However, confidence doesn’t come naturally for everyone, and is easily shaken in times of stress and disappointment. For most, it’s a quality that needs to be nurtured and worked on as part of personal development. If you are currently crossing this path, check this article about 3 Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence.

The good news is that boosting your confidence is easy, if you know how to start. (We swear!) Here are 6 tips to get you feeling like the life of the party in no time!

1.) Adjust the way you carry yourself

The most instantly dramatic thing that you can do to appear confident is to make sure your posture and body language is strong and is embodying the persona you want to convey.

For example, there are two ways to walk into a new or uncomfortable situation…. Either you can appear tentative or unsure (by having hunched shoulders, looking down, biting your nails or keeping to the outer edges of the room) or you can walk in looking like you own the place.

Whether you’re walking down the hallway at work or into an unfamiliar place, keep an eye on your posture. Be sure to keep you back up (walk tall!) and your pace relaxed, yet brisk.

Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and smile when you pass someone… chances are they’ll smile back! You’ll instantly look like you belong and people will be drawn in to your happy and confident demeanor.

And, if you have to shake anyone’s hand, always make sure that your grip is firm.

2.) Buy a new outfit

As if you needed another reason to go shopping… If you have a situation where you know that you may be out of your comfort zone (such as a big date, interview or social event) there’s nothing to make you feel more confident than knowing you look good.

Pick one of your favorite features and be sure to emphasize it with your new look.

Shopping is a guaranteed pick-me-up and having a new outfit that you’ve hand-picked to match the event in question will be well worth the splurge. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident instantly!

3.) Learn a new language

When you step off a plane in an unfamiliar place, knowing little more than how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in the native language can be pretty daunting.

If you know you’re off to some exotic locale, why not take the opportunity to learn a new language?

Not only will you feel like you’re fully embracing a new and unfamiliar culture (and feel safer once you arrive because you’ll know what’s going on around you), but those you meet will respond even more positively to you once they realize that they have someone looking to practice some local banter as well.

Before you leave, take a class at the local community college or grab a language instruction book to teach yourself. Then, consider joining a local Meetup group to add a social spin and reinforce what you’ve learned.

4.) Tell yourself you’re beautiful (and believe it)

With so much emphasis in the media about beauty and the joy that people seem to find in picking out the flaws of even the most beautiful people in the world, is it any wonder that so many of us are insecure about the way we look?

Next time you look in the mirror, instead of critiquing yourself and worrying over every blemish, extra pound or grey hair, why not embrace your inner goddess and tell yourself that you’re beautiful.

If you own it, and really believe that you are beautiful (which you obviously are) you will start to radiate confidence from the inside out!

5.) Take charge at work

When it comes to the office, confidence is a crucial quality for anyone looking to move up the ranks and get noticed by the higher-ups.

Whether you are a natural born leader or someone who has to work a little harder to take charge, find an opportunity that lets you shine and be a leader at your office or place of work.

Speak up in meetings when opinions are requested, and volunteer to oversee an initiative that‘s been discussed (but no one has offered to lead.)

Once you begin to take charge, your confidence will be noticed by all that you work with, and will help elevate you to a higher level almost instantly.

6.) Embrace your solo self

So many of us are afraid to venture off and do things alone. That fear is what makes us shy when we walk into a room of strangers, or insecure when we are in an unfamiliar place.

But, once you can truly embrace your solo self and master the solo adventure, the fear of being alone in a new place becomes much less intimidating.

If you want to start gaining your solo confidence, start small by going to the movies alone or eating by yourself at a restaurant you’d like to try. (Bring a book and sit at the bar if you feel nervous.)

Once you master those types of activities, if you’re feeling really brave, head out into the world by yourself. (TIP: London makes for a great first time solo trip.) Once you try it, you’ll be unstoppable!

Our final Go! Girl words of wisdom?

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

-Dr. Seuss

What are some of your own confidence-boosting techniques? Any tips to add to our list?


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