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Whenever people think of taking a holiday trip, they imagine it with a friend, their partner or family. We always want to show people that we have people who love us, so going on a solo date or trip can make it seem like you’re lonely. But there comes a time when you haven’t had a break in a while and you really need one and there’s no one available to take that trip with you. Do you let it go and hope that on your next break someone will be available? No, plan a tour and go solo, it’ll be fun.

5 Tips On Making The Most Out Of Your Solo Holiday Trip

So, how do you keep a solo holiday trip fun? Read the four tips below on how to have the best time of your life in a foreign country, alone and not lonely.

1.     Meet People

Meeting new people can be hard when you think too much about it. But really, what do you have to lose? The locals could actually get excited about meeting someone from where you are and give you a warm welcome, a few tips on where to go and what other locals are like. In places where people seem to enjoy sitting one by one, there’s no need for small talk and trying to meet people there. But in clubs or pubs, say “Hi” using the local language and you’ll find friends to have your shots with.

2.     Stay At A Hostel Or Backpackers


Staying at a hostel or backpackers is the best option for mingling. You’ll have people to talk to in the common area. You’ll find people conversing there, and it’ll be easier for you to join in because almost everyone who stays at a hostel is travelling alone.

You could find someone with a similar tour plan to yours, and they can be your new travel bestie. Besides, hostel staff can also guide you to the best sightseeing spots around, the best transport and other local experiences.

3.     Take The Right Transport

To find someone you can start a conversation with, taking the train is the best option. It’s spacious and comfortable. This makes it easier for someone to come to sit next to you without worrying that they’ll invade your space. That can be someone you start a conversation with.

Alternatively, go to the dining car. Buying yourself a beverage and chilling could attract another solo traveller to make small talk with you.

4.     Learn The Language

Learn the local language, especially greetings and the names of local dishes. This can help you navigate small towns easier as people there might not speak as much English as people in bigger cities and tourist attraction areas do. This way, they’ll see that even though you’re struggling, you respect their culture.

In Closing

Taking a solo holiday trip might not seem like a good idea at first, but when you do take it, it could become the best trip you’ve ever taken. Make sure you add a couple of destinations on your tour plan where you’ll definitely meet and socialize with people. Going to pubs, staying at a hostel, taking the train, and learning the local language can be a great way to fit in and have fun.

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