Nesting Solo in Montreal


Montreal may be a romantic destination for couples, but it’s just as charming for a single lady, especially if she’s overworked and really needs a vacation. And not the kind of vacation where she runs around like a crazy person checking things off her list. So here are a few suggestions to help you slow down, take care of yourself, and nest in Montreal.

Waking up at Gîte Le Simone is a good start. This adorable B&B has cozy rooms with street and terrace views, and the breakfast is a plentifully good one with omelets and apple pancakes made from scratch. The staff is totally French-English bilingual and they’re happy to help an out-of-towner get oriented. Le Simone is located just above the Latin Quarter on a quiet street, just a few blocks from the restaurants and shops on Rue Saint-Denis. In general, B&Bs are great for women who are traveling solo and want to avoid rowdy youth hostels, but still want a communal atmosphere and the opportunity to meet people. Plus, Le Simone is affordable starting at CAD$54/night.

Camellia Sinensis is an outstanding tea shop that will comfort you from the inside out, and possibly get you off coffee for good. They offer over 200 teas, from white to yellow, green, oolong, black, and aged, and their staff is comprised of friendly connoisseurs. Unlike the Canadian chain David’s Tea, Camellia Sinensis takes tea pretty seriously and doesn’t go for too-fruity flavors. They might be having a sale on their Eastern and Western style teapots, and there’s a tea salon next door (at the Rue Émery location) where you can settle in and try more than just a daily sample.

Shopping at the artist co-op L’Empreinte will cozy up your home, which should now be full of tea. They have an array of handcrafted mugs, plates, and bowls, plus wooden jewelry, papier-mâché collectibles, greeting cards, and lots more. This cooperative was founded in 1974 and includes over 85 artisans from Quebec, many of them women. They take turns running the shop and they’re quite knowledgeable. Paying them a visit will also provide you with the obligatory walk through the cobblestoned Old City, which is lovely and historic, but also pretty touristy.

La Lumière du Mile End is the spot for soul-sating vegetarian comfort food. Their sunny garden is incredibly cute, and overall, it’s a friendly, colorful spot for a single lady to camp out and have lunch. Their fresh salads, grilled sandwiches, and soups are good bets, and they have a notable selection of vegan burgers. You’re practically guaranteed to feel relaxed and taken-care-of after a meal like this.

Have you gone to Montreal solo and single? How was it?


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