Packing Light for a Short Trip: A Girl’s Guide



Do you have a habit of over packing for every weekend trip you go on? Me too.

Then, I went to Cologne in Germany and had to lug around a heavy backpack with no room for all my new souvenirs. I’ve decided enough is enough and it’s time to plan a packing list instead of just chucking things in my bag the night before I depart.

Last minute packing rarely works out how I imagined it. Of course, it’s taken me a while to realize it in the heat of the moment because I’m more concerned about looking fabulous in a new city.

The key is to be ruthless with your clothes choices.

Be sure to wear all the appropriate outdoor clothes on your departure, especially in winter, because coats, mitts, boots, and hats take up a lot of space. Under all your winter gear, wear your favorite casual outfit.

My essential packing list is sparse but in reality when I’m traveling I find myself wearing a similar outfit each day because that is what I’m most comfortable in. Now, I’ll have room for some special treasures!

1)   Your favorite casual outfit – For me, it’s a t-shirt, jeans, a cardigan, and boots. I layer up because it’s important to be prepared for any weather condition to come up. Wear your layers on departure day so they aren’t taking up room in your bag.

2)   Some accessories and, if you must, only one spare shirt in order to have some wardrobe variety.

3)   A nice dress that doesn’t wrinkle for a fun and sexy night out!

4)   Dress flats because high heels take up too much room for the amount of time they will be worn.

5)   Make-up and toiletries – Keep your make-up to your 5 basic pieces, face wash, and shower essentials in travel size.

6)   Camera, phone, and their chargers

7)   Underwear and don’t forget extra socks for those sudden rain or snowstorms.

That’s it. Make your life easy and keep your packing simple. You’ll thank me later.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be looking gorgeous without all that extra baggage!


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