What NOT to Pack


You think it might come in handy; maybe, just maybe, Murphy’s Law will strike and you’ll regret leaving it out of your luggage.

But more often than not, that oh-so important thick down jacket, or seemingly indispensable pair of trekking boots ends up just adding weight to your luggage and taking up precious bag space.

I’m the queen of ‘Just In Case’ packing, it can’t hurt to bring it along… right? Wrong!

I’m guilty of packing a fancy pair of heelsjust in case I want to go out somewhere nice. But I always end up being lazy and just wear my usual flats. Sometimes I bring several really thick books… just in case I run out of things to do even though I know I have a fully packed itinerary and end up not flipping a page.

Here at Go! Girl Guides, we often talk about what to pack, but here’s a list of what not to pack. 

what not to pack and what to bring

Specialized items with just one purpose

If you’re not going on a trip where the bulk of your time is spent on activities which require specialized equipment like skiing, diving or the likes, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need special gear to get around the city. Specialized items tend to be bulky, and you’re likely to use it just once if at all, so definitely not a priority if you need to downsize your luggage.

Don’t Bring: Heavy jackets, more than one pair of high heels, boots and more than 3 pairs of socks. You just won’t need them. Instead, bring sweaters and long sleeve shirts to layer if it’s cold, and flats.

What Not to Pack: Things you can get there

Unless you’re headed somewhere truly remote, most cities will have provision shops that have stuff like shampoo and toothpaste, so you don’t have to worry about packing them – it’s especially helpful if you’re not looking to check in your luggage. Also, shopping in foreign countries is a great way to get a sense of the place you’re visiting, but do think twice if the exchange rate is not in your favor!

how to pack for a trip

What Not to Pack: Stuff you can’t afford to lose

I just read an article the other day about the millions of luggage that gets lost every year by the airports and airlines. And that is the reason why everything remotely precious I have I try to leave at home so I can’t lose it, or I carry in my hand-carry luggage so I can keep an eye on it. And why I always, always buy travel insurance.

What’s the most useless thing you’ve brought on a trip?


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