What Women Need to Know About Traveling in Australia


Australia: the land of pristine beaches and crystal water. The land of kangaroos and koala bears. It’s easy to get caught up in the glow of Australia, but let’s not forget that this is also the land of insanely large spiders that could possibly kill you.

Australia has some of the deadliest creatures in the world. This is about all I knew about Australia before deciding to study abroad/live there for four months. Are Australian men trustworthy? Do Australians take kindly to American girls? Who knows? Will they have normal food? Read on to find out!

Here are some important things women need to know when traveling in Australia:

Grocery Stores

There are two main grocery stores in Australia: Woolworth’s and Coles. There’s no WalMart. They have Target but let’s just go ahead and clarify that this Australian version of Target is NOT THE SAME as American version of Target that I go into wanting one thing and leave with 15 things.

So, I went grocery shopping. No big deal, right? I mean I guess not if you’re cool with spending 12$ for bottled water or not finding Reese’s cups anywhere. Groceries in Australia are expensive. If you have a favorite product from the states, take it with you, as it is expensive overseas!


You can find tampons within the grocery stores in Australia, but if you feel like you need tampons that have an applicator, take them with you. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to learn how to make it work without one.

Traveling Within Oz

I grew up in the United States and have done most of my travel post 9/11 so I’m used to the security in airports. I arrived at the Gold Coast airport to travel to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. I got my ticket and proceeded to get in line for security. I was pretty worried because I wasn’t checking a bag and I had sunscreen and some makeup in my carry-on. It was my turn to put my things through the scanner. I began to take off my jacket and my shoes. The security guard said, … “Ma’m, you can leave your clothes on.” Watch the people in front of you. Whatever they’re doing, you should do too. The security for flights within Australia is extremely lax compared to the U.S. No need to take your clothes off and take everything out of your bag.  According to the security guard,“It’s just sunscreen. Leave it in your bag.”

Public Transportation

Public transportation within Australia is so easy! I grew up in a small town in Indiana and didn’t use public transportation until I was 18. I took the bus and train in Australia for four months and only got off on the wrong stop one time. With that being said, it’s affordable, easy to understand, and quick. You can even bring your luggage on the trains and buses with you and no one gets upset. Also, some of the trains have WIFI! Hello friends and family!

Sexy Australians

That accent, that tan, that amazing physique… yes, Australian men (and women, for that matter) are beautiful. But don’t get distracted by the men and miss out on the amazing culture and landscape that Australia has to offer.

P.S. Don’t ask anyone about Steve Irwin- touchy subject.

 Have you been to Australia? Give us your tips!


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