3 Travel Ideas for Women Who Want to Stay in One Place for Longer


If you’ve got the travel bug, chances are you will want to keep moving, seeing as many different places as possible.

But sometimes, you fall in love with a place so much that you want to stay there for as long as you can (without straight up relocating there).

Here are some ideas as to what you can do, either as a female solo traveler or as part of a group, to make your stay in a particular destination that little bit longer and more special.

1. Get a Seasonal Job

A lot of the time, working a shift isn’t an individual’s idea of the perfect vacation. If you’re in an amazing location, however, is it really considered work? Seasonal jobs can see you hitting the ski slopes, helping out at a waterpark, leading group tours around some awesome locations, or simply serving coffee in a bar that has a killer view of the ocean. Whatever your work preference is, getting a seasonal job means you have the perfect excuse to stay in one location for months on end, without worrying how you’re going to earn your keep.

2. Look into Purchasing Property

Okay, this one is a little more complex, but if you’re in a position where you have the money to invest in property, and you’ve always wondered about having your own holiday home abroad without necessarily wanting to move there full time, why not consider your options for buying a property with the view to rent it out?

To make your experience a little more challenging (and rewarding), how about purchasing a property that needs a little renovation work? Sure, you may need some professional guidance regarding structural issues, whether it’s efficient window installation, insulation removal, or how to replace flooring, but it’s all good when it’s in your dream destination!

Renovating a home also provides the perfect excuse to spend extra time in your desired location while you’re completing the job.

3. Be Open to Voluntary Work

For voluntary work, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough savings to tide you over while you’re spending your time completing unpaid work, but voluntary work for amazing causes can be gratifying, and it provides a great reason to stay in one location for a significant period of time!

A lot of voluntary situations may also provide your accommodation and meals free of charge, or at least at a discount, depending on the work you do. This could be helping out on a farm, assisting at a wildlife sanctuary, or making efforts to improve the environment, in a country of your choosing. If you’re taking part in voluntary work as part of a team, it may mean that you can also share on the cost of accommodation nearby if needs be, which will limit the cost of your expenses.


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