5 Tips on Green Travel


Traveling the world and exploring far and distant lands is an exciting and brilliant opportunity. However, now more than ever, it’s important to consider the impact that your wanderlust has on the environment. Choosing greener destinations and methods of travel will enable you to see the world and have a clearer conscience as you do so.

1.    Find a Green Tour Company

A popular option for those traveling alone or with friends is signing up for organized tours in various parts of the world. It’s a safe way to explore these places with experts guiding the groups through historical and cultural landmarks, as well as introducing you to some hidden gems popular with the locals. Doing some research into travel companies that offer environmentally friendly tours is a good step. There are plenty of these out there to choose from, including some that offer more luxurious travel options for those who like their comforts. Caravan.com is accepting pre-registrations for 2022 on their website.

2. Take a Road Trip

This might not sound overly green, but depending on your transportation choice, it might make a smaller carbon footprint than if you took a flight, especially if you’re traveling from state to state. If you don’t have your own car, consider getting yourself an electric one as these are popular green vehicles. It’s easy to get a home charging station installed and when you do decide to hit the road, you can do so knowing you’re traveling in eco-friendly transportation. There are charging ports in a lot of places now too, so you don’t have to worry about running out of energy and being stranded.

3.    Eat Locally

Find restaurants in your destination that source their ingredients from local producers. These will be easy to find if you do some research before you go out for dinner, and will not only mean that your food has been responsibly sourced, but that you’re also supporting local businesses and suppliers. Usually this food is fresher, too, resulting in a delicious meal!

4.    Volunteer

Before you go on your travels, look into what initiatives are taking place in the destinations you’re heading out to. A lot of places have animal sanctuaries, local farming communities or projects to plant more trees and help to revitalize the surrounding countryside. If there are any volunteering opportunities available with these organizations, sign yourself up. You can enjoy all the natural beauty of the area and culture as well as giving something back to the local community that have welcomed you.

5.    Clean Up After Yourself

If you’re staying at a local camp site, use the facilities in place and clean up your trash! The wildlife can be harmed by getting caught up in plastic wrappings or by ingesting them; they shouldn’t have to suffer because campers have been too lazy to clean up after themselves. This rule goes for anywhere you’re staying even a caravan storage parking with cleaning service. There’s no excuse for you to leave a mess behind and if you want to help the environment, this is one of the easiest ways you can do that.

Next time you’re about to book your next adventure, consider these tips and do some research to make sure you’re being an eco-friendly traveler!


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