9 Capitals You Want to Visit Next Summer


Who doesn’t dream about traveling? How wonderful it is to see the world and join foreign customs, laws, and lifestyle. Even in the most remote corner of the world, where almost no one knows about civilization, there are many secrets and unusual stories. And the capitals of the world are precisely those places that travelers need to visit.

1. Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy, “a city on seven hills.” This is one of the oldest cities in the world, which will not leave indifferent even the pickiest tourist. Many have heard about the history of Rome and what important role it played in the overall history previously. But today we only enjoy the sights that have remained from the great rulers and famous people. The sights of this city are fascinating, for example, the Coliseum or the Trevi Fountain. Also, Rome is considered one of the most popular cities for people in love.

2. Amsterdam, Holland

It doesn’t matter what time of year to come to Amsterdam, this city is sure to captivate you with its romantic atmosphere. When walking along Amsterdam at night, you can see the lights of bridges that are reflected in the canals, the first date of people in love, and many other things that will definitely set you up to the appropriate mood.

3. Budapest, Hungary

What is the most romantic city in Eastern Europe? The first city that comes to mind is Budapest. Sumptuous bridges over the winding Danube entice for a walk during sunset, ancient theaters, and palaces, cozy streets saturated with aromas of coffee and spicy Hungarian dishes, as if transferring you to a charming whirlpool of Hungarian romance – it is difficult to list all its advantages. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with Budapest at first sight – this is what can definitely be said about this marvelous city!

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a must-see destination for everyone who comes to Turkey, including couples in love. The bold architecture of the city corresponds to its natural charm: Ottoman minarets crown buildings built in the Byzantine era, ferries ply the Bosphorus between the cozy suburbs. Istanbul is a magnificent city of contrasts, palace intrigues of emperors, spices of the oriental bazaar, and roasted chestnuts. Here, the legacy of the Ottoman Empire is intertwined with the legacy of the Byzantine Empire, and high fashion with the centuries-old traditions of a Muslim country.

5. Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, and it is also one of the most ancient cities in the world. At least due to this reason, it is worth a visit because it’s hard to even imagine how many interesting and unexpected things are there. Museums, mosques, pristine nature, very open and friendly people, with their ardent disposition – this is what can expect you in Yerevan.

6. Ottawa, Canada

Once this city was a camp of soldiers and woodcutters. And now it is the beautiful and amazing capital of the northern state of the American continent. The capital of Canada surprises tourists and visitors with an abundance of parks and squares. The city is literally surrounded by greenery. The magnificent and picturesque Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Parliament Hill and the Natural Museum of Canada, built in the “Scottish Baron” style, impresses with its distinctive architecture and landscape design.

7. Moscow, Russia

A magnificent and huge city, which consists of sights and beautiful places. In winter, it transforms into a city from a fairy tale with millions of lights. It has a lot of monasteries and churches, museums and theaters. Any tourist should just choose what they like and will definitely find it in Moscow.

8. Beijing, China

This is an eastern city in which the architecture of modernity, the most ancient historical monuments, wide highways, and quiet narrow streets are miraculously preserved to our days. During periods of wars, palace coups and revolutions, many quarters of the traditional buildings of the Chinese capital were rebuilt or were demolished. Among the chic and mysterious sights, Beijing is proud of the Forbidden City – the largest and most magnificent palace in the world, and Tiananmen Square, which has witnessed many historical events in China.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland is an amazing place to travel in Europe, especially if you like to walk along the unique historical streets. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh has a medieval atmosphere and takes you to Edinburgh Castle – one of the most beautiful in Europe. The Scottish capital is also the venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest art festival in the world. The festival, which takes place in August, gives the city a completely different atmosphere, and throughout the festival, events and art presentations are held throughout the city.


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