Choosing the Right Outfit When You Have to Travel to Attend a Wedding


Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. They can allow people to get married in style for far less expense than putting on a lavish event at home; they can allow people to have all of the wedding planning and setup handled by the resort in one convenient package; and of course, they can give the guests a great vacation as well as a chance to attend the celebration itself!

If you have been invited to a destination wedding, then you are probably really looking forward to visiting an exotic location, getting some luxury, and of course, seeing someone important to you celebrate their marriage. However, destination weddings can be trickier to plan for when it comes to your outfit than local ones, because you’ll have no ability to make last minute changes, and will have to consider some different factors.

Find Out the Dress Code

Most wedding invitations will come with a dress code, so make sure you understand what kind of outfit you’ll be expected to wear for the ceremony and reception, and if you need to ask any questions about this (for instance the dress code is in that fairly baffling language sometimes used for such things, like ‘resort chic’ or ‘casual elegance’), be sure to check with the bride before you start picking outfits. As well as knowing the dress code for the wedding ceremony, you may also want to know the dress codes for the other resort facilities or restaurants you might want to go to if you’ll be staying for more than one night. You may be able to save on packing by doubling up on things like shoes and accessories for the wedding and other evenings out while you are away.

Consider Comfort

If you are going to be heading to a warmer climate for the wedding, then it’s important to consider an outfit that you’ll be comfortable in, especially if a lot of the day will be spent outdoors. For women, look for formal dresses that are suitable for summery climes, and shoes that will work for the setting, especially if the wedding is going to be on the beach! For men, the same applies, though unfortunately you have less options for showing skin to stay cool. Consider lighter fabrics like linen for suits, and check out the comfortable dress shoes for men here.

Consider Packing and Unpacking

Packing your outfit and making sure it looks nice on the day after its journey can be easier with some fabrics than others. Check what kinds of facilities you’ll have at the hotel for pressing or ironing your clothing on their website, though it can also be a good idea to look for something that you can de-crease simply by hanging it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. This steaming technique can work on a lot of styles, but won’t work miracles, so do think about packing your clothes in ways that minimize creasing too, such as rolling rather than folding, or laying out smaller items like tops flat within the case.

These are all things to think about when you are choosing what to take for the wedding, and indeed any other events at your destination, such as for rehearsal dinners.


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