Essential Tips for a Holiday in Singapore


A vacation in Singapore? Dream come true! This diverse country is one of the most fascinating in Southeast Asia and millions of tourists’ book scoot online to this high-tech city.

Singapore is a futuristic urban center which is situated on the southern coast of Malaysia. The small modern city is easy to navigate and has something to offer every traveler. The paradise is full of greenery as well as some iconic wonders. Browse Singapore airlines flight ticket right away to plan your trip.

Here are some essential tips for those planning a vacation in Singapore and enjoy your vacation to the fullest:

Apply for your Visa Early

When traveling to Singapore, apply for the visa about a month earlier. Although getting a tourist visa is easier for Singapore, still one should apply for the document well ahead in time. Singapore can be hot and humid throughout the year, so pack accordingly and wear strong sunscreen as you are likely to be in the sun. Always carry a water bottle with you to avoid dehydration and refill the bottle where you see taps.

Use Public Transportation

Singapore is world-famous for its high safety standards, and crime and corruption are generally low. However, still, follow your common sense when traveling in a cosmopolitan city like avoid being on your own late at night or leave your items unattended.

Make good use of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit or MRT and the public transportation network is both impressive and affordable. On a one day $10 SGD pass, one can enjoy unlimited travel. You can take taxis but be wary as they can be expensive.

Try the Street Food

Enjoy fresh and delicious street food from hawkers and save money. It is on the streets where you can find the most authentic cuisines, and food is usually cheaper here than those hipster cafes and fancy restaurants.

Follow the laws and regulations in Singapore and acts like tossing your cigarette butt or spitting in the street or sticking chewing gum on public property can lead to harsh fines. You may even face death for drug-related offenses.

Change your Money at the Airport 

Keep Singaporean cash and coins handy when traveling around. You may need to buy $1 drink or use vending machines. So, it would help you have fast and easy cash on you. Find the perfect site to gamble online – Australian online casinos

There is no need to tip as the service staff don’t expect tips generally. The tipping culture is not customary in Singapore and cafes, restaurants, and bars already charge an extra 10% service charge. However, you may tip for an excellent service.

Going Out Can Add Up

If you love to party, well it can be expensive in Singapore, because of very high taxes on alcohol and smoking. Thus, if planning a party night out, be ready for substantial expenses. You can always look for happy hour deals or get your own booze and have the party at home.

While you can’t bargain for the cost of alcohol, you can bargain but at the flea and night markets, and save some money there. Although the costs are already meager when compared to those high-end boutique shops, you can lower the prices further with bargaining. Just smile a lot and bargain confidently!

Another essential tip to keep in mind is to avail of 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) refund at the airport on your shopping if you have shopped luxury brands like Charles & Keith and Fossil. However, you need to have spent more than S$100 on the purchases.

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