Long Travel Days and How to Get Through Them


You’ve been there I’m sure – the 16-hr train ride, or a half day journey by bus. Long travel days are inevitable for any traveler.

When no one else is headed your way and you’re stuck on a marathon journey by your lonesome, there’s only so much scenery you can take in before getting bored.

Long travel days are a great way to unwind, especially if you’re the sort of traveler who needs some solo downtime away from everyone.

But here are some suggestions to keep you entertained, all without the need for a battery.

Long travel days and how to deal.

1. Organize and Journal

I try to journal on the go when my memories are freshest, rather than after the fact when I’m struggling to recall what happened when. Sometimes, I’m just too tired to pick up my pen or type, so long travel days give me the chance to catch up on all these things.

It’s also a great time to organize my stuff – receipts and cash are put in order and my expenses tabulated, memorabilia are packed and put together – it really helps me on my journey because I tend to just shove things in to sort out when I have the time, and it makes life easier when I finally have to unpack at home.

2. Indulge in Self Care

Long travel days can be draining. After being on the road for a few days, having some down time to pamper yourself is a much needed relief.

Carry some facial or eye masks for a quick and easy spa and your skin will thank you for it, especially if you’re in a dry airplane cabin! Or break out the enamel board and moisturizer to take care of rough hands and chipped nails. Avoid nail polish as the smell can be annoying to those around you.

It’s a simple way to pamper yourself, and you’ll arrive at your destination looking more spruced up than when you got on!

3. Get Some Much Needed Rest

It goes without saying that you should try and get some much needed rest so you’re fresh to go when you disembark.

I find it hard to sleep on buses, so if I have to pull an over-nighter, I opt for the train where I can stretch out, or take a plane ride for a fast option. Find what works for you. If you’re on a plane, we have some top tips for how to deal with long plane rides.

However you’re traveling, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Wear loose long pants and carry a jacket or a shawl in case it gets cold, or so it can double up as a pillow. Or carry a neck pillow or an inflatable version if you have the space.

4. Make Some New Friends

If you’re really not looking for solo downtime, just take that first step and make some friends! Start up a conversation with your cabin mates or the person sitting next to you.

The easiest way to do it is by sharing something that you have, whether it’s a snack or a sweet, it’s the best ice breaker you could have!

What do you do on long travel days on your own? How do you pass the time?


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Jaclynn Seah is an Occasional Traveller from sunny Singapore who really hopes to become a more frequent traveller someday. But for now, she has a little blog and shop over at The Occasional Traveller where she hopes to inspire and remind others like herself to take some time off and just... escape!


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  2. Long journeys can be either fab or extremely dull, I did a post recently on in-flight entertainment and covered what I’ll be using to keep me occupied. Great post and great tips as usual 🙂

  3. Thanks Leasha, glad you enjoyed the article! These days I’ve taken to lugging my laptop around as well to catch up on writing 🙂

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