Helpful Etiquette Tips When Traveling by Private Jet


Flying by private jet is on the rise: did you know that 37 percent of private jet passengers are women? Many people imagine men in business suits as being the primary demographic for private air travel; they’re wrong! 

Traveling by private charter jets offers a wide array of benefits. If you are planning to take your first flight of this type, then be sure to use the etiquette tips found here.

Travel Light

When you fly on a private charter plane, you don’t have to worry about the same strict rules about luggage that are present for commercial air passengers. However, there could be restrictions on your baggage based on the size of the storage compartment. There may also be weight restrictions because the aircraft is so much smaller.

Avoid stress and headaches by only taking what you really need on the plane. If there are other things you need to take along, consider having it shipped to your destination.

Be On Time

A Jet charter will wait for you if you are a few minutes late. But it’s a good idea to try and avoid this out of courtesy. After all, if the pilot and staff expect to leave and return at specific times, you need to make sure you don’t make them late.

Let the Crew Know When You are En Route

To ensure things move swiftly, make sure to send an update to your flight crew when you are on the way to the airport. This will ensure the staff has everything set up according to your specifications by the time you arrive. The captain will be able to communicate with air traffic control and get you off of the ground much faster.

Make Special Requests Early

If you have a specific request you would like filled, be sure to let the crew know about it beforehand. The best time to let this be known is when you are booking your flight.

If you are flying by private jet, it’s fine to request food from a specific restaurant or to request certain music. But work this out in advance, rather than demanding them when you arrive for the flight.

Be Courteous and Patient

While you are on the plane, you can chat with the pilots and crew. Their job is to make the flight as enjoyable and comfortable for you as possible but their first concern is your safety. Which leads us to our next point: 

Let the Crew Do Their Designated Job

When you make the decision to fly by private jet, you aren’t expected to bring your own lunch or handle your bags. A private charter jet’s staff is trained to cater to your requests so that you don’t have to worry about anything while flying to your destination.

You should allow the crew to handle certain tasks, which is actually politer than trying to do things on your own. Don’t attempt to take over when the staff is serving or cleaning up either, as there may be certain protocols they have to follow.

Your main job is to relax and arrive to your destination feeling well-rested. 

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