How to Beat Boredom On A Long Flight


Long flights can are hard for everyone, and long layovers, even worse that is why looking for the best earbuds under 100 will be a wise decision.

If you want to travel the world, you’ll have to come to terms with long flights and make a way to get through them. Here are some boredom busters that’ll help you survive your next 8, 10 or 12-hour flight.

Learn A Language

Learn the language of the country you’re visiting by simply downloading an app. We like Duolingo for their learning app, or Fluenz, which was created by Sonia Gil, speaker at Women’s Travel Fest 2014.

Familiarize yourself with the most useful phrases, words and signage so you won’t be completely helpless if you get lost. You’ll gain the valuable opportunity to make friends along the way.

Listen To Music

Load up your iPod, your tablet or your mobile phone with your favorite music, new releases and tracks that you may not have had the luxury of hearing before. Bring your most comfortable pair of earphones or headphones to really get the immersion you need for escaping the confines of your plane. You can also pair up listening to music while doing another activity, such as playing video games.

Catch Up On Your Reading

Reading is never a waste of time. What else will you be doing while sitting down for hours on end? Bring your kindle or load up a book reading app and download or purchase your ebook of choice. Better yet, listen and learn from an audiobook. Audible has a wide selection of audiobooks and podcasts that will keep you entertained during long flights.

Play Games

Bring along some simple puzzles or card games to entertain family or friends while en route to your destination. If you’re alone, make sure to bring your handheld console or load your app with games you can play. Put the best headphones for sensory overload for an immersive experience.

Preload Content

It’s best to be prepared on flights, and this involves pre-loading your phone or tablet with entertainment such as movies, TV series or funny videos. Great content includes music, ebooks, videos and more. Save or bookmark your favorite sites and read them while in offline mode so you’re caught up by the time you hit the ground.

Organize Photos

Have your smartphone or laptop but don’t have pre-loaded content? There’s a way you can pass the time. Try organizing the photos stored on your hard drive or micro sd card. Label them, arrange them and delete the blurry-looking ones. Rename as necessary. Listen to music while organizing to make the hours pass by in a rush.

While enduring a long flight, remember to think of all the time as an opportunity to do something else, rather than an inconvenience that you’ll have to deal with. With this attitude you’ll find yourself more engaged doing the small things rather than letting out a sigh every few minutes or so. To beat boredom, why not mix it up and do something you haven’t done before? Take breaks every now and then so you won’t tire yourself out until you finally reach your destination.


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