How to Earn Money While You Travel


Travel is the only thing that never gets old. There’s not enough time in a single life span to go and see and do everything. If we take America as an example, you could argue that just two weeks taking in the sights and sounds of each state would rack up a total travel time of 100 weeks.

Which for those snoozing in the back row is just shy of TWO YEARS. And that’s just sampling each state. What about Europe? The middle east and the far east? Australia is enormous. And we’ve saved Africa for last, because let’s not forget that the continental United States would fit inside Africa’s Sahara Desert. The world is, undeniably, epic in size.

But that doesn’t stop some of us from trying to see it all. But how can you afford your adventures? One answer is to work while you travel. Always make sure your employer still takes care of your safety – if things go wrong, you may need the details of a workers compensation lawyer (from Savannah GA).

That being said, let’s look at how you could earn as you explore.

Become a blogger

This is a solid option for many travelers who plan to move around because the hours are flexible and the money can be steady, once you’ve gotten the ball rolling and income streams established. If your grasp on the English language is sturdy, and if you feel that you can spare maybe an hour per post and create prose, blogging could be for you.

There are two ways you can go about it. One is to start your own blog and run it like a business, writing content you then monetize through affiliate links or ad revenue. However, this will involve building your blog to the point of having a steady stream of traffic, as nobody is going to pay you to write about their company and host the content on a site that gets no views. The other way (and much faster way) is to write for other blog sites through guest posts. Multiple adverts are out there, all asking for bloggers who can contribute valuable content. Once you have made a few connections and become established, you can work to build your revenue streams.

Staying in one place for a while?

Some areas of the world demand more than a few days of your time. If you want to see Thailand, for example, you might want to spend more than a week walking the hotspots. The same goes for anywhere, in fact (Yak farming in Siberia might be the kind of thing that you want to revel in for months on end? Whatever takes your fancy!). Site bupropion without prescription .

Here are some ideas to support yourself while staying in one area for a while: 

  • Fruit picking
  • Working as an au pair
  • Bar and restaurant work
  • Get a job with a tour company
  • Teach English lessons online as a foreign language
  • Don’t just stay at the hostel – work there

Lots to think about! Now go get ‘um.

Have you worked abroad? What job did you do?


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