How to Plan the Ultimate Girls’ Trip


Girls’ trips are simply necessary. You need to get away from your SO and your kids and let your hair loose as you catch up with your best friends. The concept of a girls’ trip doesn’t even have to be limited to just women, either. Whoever your closest friends are, they can attend, so long as you all enjoy the type of trip you want to go on! No partners, no kids, just some friends on a much-needed catch-up.

Wherever you decide to go, remember to rent a vehicle. The best way to experience a new area is often by wheels, so book in advance to take advantage of those deals.

With your friends all lined up, time booked off, and a destination in mind, all you will need to do is follow this guide to enjoy the ultimate girls’ trip:

Find Great Accommodation

With the arrival of Airbnb and similar sites, the options for accommodation have massively increased. Before resigning yourself to a hotel room where everyone has to pay the top price, see what else is available. You might be able to book out someone’s summer villa for a week and pay less than that hotel room would have cost. You and your traveling party will also be able to enjoy an incredible location all to yourselves.

Mix Urban with Rural

We all know how important nature is to our emotional and mental health, so aim to enjoy a mixture of urban and rural hotspots. You can go shopping one day, hiking the next, and so on. It’s a great way to mix the trip up and really soak in those new experiences with some of your favorite people.

Go for a Brewery or Wine Tour

There are so many great locations to see the process of alcohol making up close and to enjoy some of the best options first hand. Enjoy wine, beer, rye whiskey – you name it, you can experience it. Book yourselves a tour and see the magic happen first-hand, explore the accompanying museums, and of course, have a taster session of their best offerings. You might learn a few tips, and will be able to bring home your favorite drink.

Take a Class or Book an Experience

There will be classes and experiences for every destination. Some may even be unique to that area. See what is available and try to book at least one big experience. A tour does not count in this instance! Go on that tour and then book a class. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like going on a donkey ride through the Grand Canyon, or it can be something small like learning how to cook a local dish. When it comes to souvenirs, experiences are definitely the go-to choice over material keepsakes. They can change you, open your eyes to a new part of yourself, and potentially give you a skill you can go back home with.

A girl’s trip with just your friends is so important today. We need to connect with the people who are with us just because they enjoy our company. If you find you don’t make enough time for them, or you haven’t seen your friends in ages, book a trip! Try to make it a regular event, and you’ll nurture those bonds for a lifetime.


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