6 Ideas to Help You Make the Most of the End of Summer


When summer starts to wane, don’t fret! Much like Sunday evenings when you’re facing another work week (also known as the “sunday scaries”) for sun-babies like us, the “Summer Scaries” are real.

If you’re lamenting the loss of another summer and know you have only a couple of weeks to squeeze in some outdoor fun, here are some ideas on how to make the most of the last days of summer.

Here in Western Finland, the summer days are slowly dwindling. Days feel more like autumn and sunsets come earlier, a trend that will continue until there are just a few hours of daylight each day.

Even though it’s coming to an end, here are a few ideas to make the most of those precious last days of summer.

Easy ways to squeeze some extra fun into the end of summer.

1. Grill and Have Picnics Anywhere You Can

In Finland, I enjoy grilling out after a relaxing sauna. But you don’t need a sauna to enjoy it, so find a grill wherever you are, gather some friends and share a picnic outdoors.

Most local parks will have outdoor grills. Just be sure to check for any fire advisories before grilling outside — you don’t want to be the reason a massive forest fire breaks out!

2. Take Day Trips Hiking or Bicycling

On the last days of summer I am always hustling to find new trails in your area. Have you been seeing new photos of an epic hike pop up on your Alltrails? Now is the time to attempt it! If you’re not into hiking, go somewhere else that’s been calling you. A drive to a nearby town to explore new hiking or biking trails can do wonders for your mental energy. If you’re stuck inside all day, make it a shorter trip after work and pack a picnic dinner while there is still daylight to enjoy.

3. Travel

The end of summer and Labor Day usually come with some pretty sweet end-of-summer-sales. Sometimes that even applies to travel! Get out and see the world while it’s warm and beautiful. We just stumbled across a new website called Dealchecker that helps you compare flights, hotels and car rentals across Europe. The equivalent of that in the United States is Skyscanner.

4. Enjoy Water Sports While You Can

Do you live near a lake or river? Are you close to the beach? Depending where you’re located, many of these water activities close after the summer season. Explore local places to rent kayaks, canoes or jet skis close to you. Pack a picnic for a break along the way and hit the water! The best moments of the summer usually involve being near some type of water. Tell me I’m wrong!

5. Play Outdoor Games

In Finland it’s Mölkky, where I’m from in the States it’s Cornhole (a.k.a. bean bag toss). This game entails throwing cornhole bags into the holes of a slightly angled board to gain points. And there is probably a different game where you live. Gather a group and create a tournament. Maybe you’ve wanted to try frisbee golf? Find the perfect site to gamble online – Australian online casinos Maybe you have some friends that would be down for a kickball tournament? Whatever you’re into, you can usually find someone else who is into it too.

You might also want to scan for local Meetup.com groups in your area, or check Facebook to see if anyone is doing anything fun outside.

6. Find an Outdoor Adventure Park

I recently found a place for tree climbing and it was quite an experience. Are there are any outdoor parks in your area? Do you live near any cool canopies or zip lining experiences? The summer scaries are a good excuse to try something new!

Depending on where you are, there are many different ways to make the most of your summer days. What are you favorite summertime activities?


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