Prepping Your Teen For A Solo Travel Adventure


It can be tough for parents to imagine letting go of their children as they get older. That natural feeling can easily turn into a panic when you are thinking about letting your teen travel on their own without you. The natural impulse to protect your child is hard to tamp down even when you want to give your teen some independence.

Preparing your teen for a traveling adventure on their own is the best way to make sure that they stay safe and some of your worries can be eased. Travel-smart kids are more likely to have a smooth trip that they will remember for a lifetime. We are going to take a look at a few ways that you can help prepare your teen for solo travel.

From getting them packed with an appropriate wardrobe to calling Allstate car insurance or any insurance company you prefer about additional coverage for their trip, there is a lot to do to help get your teen ready to hit the road. Giving your teen a realistic view of what it will be like to travel without you to depend on will help them to cope once they are on their own.


Teens are all about clothes and wearing the coolest outfits but, this isn’t always a practical way to travel. You can do a simple internet search of your teen’s destination to check out the seasonal weather and get clothing recommendations. It’s also a good idea to pack with your teen instead of letting them do it themselves.

Focus on pieces of clothes that can coordinate well together and easily create multiple outfits. For example, you might want to consider packing a convertible pair of pants that can be unzipped into shorts easily. Think about packing clothes that can be worn in layers and are convenient for many kinds of weather conditions.


Along with an up to date passport, there could be other documentation that is required for your teen’s trip. Talk to your travel agent about anything specific that is needed. A separate spot in your teen’s luggage or in a passport belt should be used to carry any important documents.

Don’t forget to include emergency contact information, updated immunization records, insurance information, and a travel itinerary. You never know when these important documents will be needed during your teen’s trip, so they need to understand the importance of keeping them safe.


Anything can happen, so it’s a good idea to take a look at additional travel coverage for your teen’s travels. This can help cover a variety of issues including lost luggage and unexpected medical expenses.


It’s important to educate your teen about the area that they will be traveling to and make certain that they have realistic expectations. Review the risks and talk to your teen about how to stay safe while traveling with tips like always staying with a buddy and how to get help if it is needed.


One of the most important responsibilities of being a traveler is acting as an ambassador for your family and home country. Make sure that your kids understand the importance of following local laws and rules, using their manners, being respectful of local customs and peoples and using thoughtful decision making.

It can be a scary prospect to send your kids out into the world where you can’t protect them. It is also an excellent opportunity for your teen to experience how the rest of the world works. Talk to your kids about what to expect from their destination, expected levels of responsibilities and how to get help if it is needed. Your gift of independence and knowledge is everything that your teen needs to have the adventure of a lifetime.


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