Road-Tripping with Your Cat – Invaluable Tips and Advice


Are you used to traveling solo, not having to worry about anything or anyone else, just making up your itinerary as you go and not having a care in the world? While this may be your absolute favorite way to travel, sometimes it’s not always possible. What happens if for your next road trip your pet cat is going to need to come with you? Yep, it’s bound to throw a wrench in plans at first, but with a little careful planning, you may come to realize it’s nice to have a little companionship on the open road.

Here we’ll take a look at some invaluable tips and advice that will ensure that both you and your cat, have a fabulous time on the road trip and you create some lasting memories.

Start Getting Your Cat Used to the Car

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to road-tripping with your cat is to wait for the trip to introduce them to the car. Start by taking them on short rides, and increase the amount of time they spend in the car. The idea is that you make them feel comfortable and more secure before you actually head out on your trip.

Make an Appointment with Your Vet

If you know that your cat gets car sick, which isn’t uncommon, or that your cat is particularly anxious then it may be a good idea to make an appointment to speak with your vet. They can prescribe medication to make your cat more comfortable during the road-trip. There are also natural herbal options that you can look into.

Plan Your Itinerary with Pit Stops

Just as you would with a small child, you’ll want to plan for plenty of pit stops along the journey. This will give your cat the chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs. It’s a good idea to have a harness and leash on your cat, so they can’t escape.

Keep Them in a Carrier

While you’re actually driving you’re going to want to be sure your cat is tucked away safely in a carrier/crate. This ensures they aren’t wandering around the car, potentially getting hurt or distracting you while you drive.

Bring All the Necessary Items with You

Sure it means packing more “stuff” but you want to be sure you’ve got all the essentials with you and ready to go. This includes their food, dishes, fresh bottled water you can pour into their dish, toys, and a blanket.

As for their cat litter, you may want to look into something like Cats Incredible Lavender, which is a clumping cat litter with no dust, low tracking, and is able to stop the smells from forming. You’ll really appreciate these benefits when you’re on the road, and when you arrive at your accommodations.

A Road Trip to Remember

Each of these tips will help to ensure that road-tripping with your cat goes smoothly and is enjoyable for the two of you.


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