Three Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas for a Romantic Elopement


More and more people are forgoing the big, expensive traditional wedding and all of the stress that comes with it in favor of eloping or having very small, intimate wedding celebrations. There are lots of reasons why couples might want to do this, as it can be both romantic and also financially prudent!

If you are planning to have an elopement or another alternative style of wedding, you may also like the idea of taking a different approach to other traditional elements, including a ring from the custom diamond ring brisbane store. Equally, maybe your wedding is a spontaneous event and you just want to have something symbolic to use as rings rather than having the time or budget to choose and order classic, precious metal rings.

Here are three ideas:

Wooden Rings

For a spontaneous or low budget wedding, choosing wooden rings can be a nice way to have inexpensive but attractive rings you can use in the ceremony and keep wearing. Some people choose wooden rings as a short-term thing and buy their permanent wedding rings later, whereas others are happy just to keep the wooden rings forever – though they can be a lot less durable than metal rings and so are probably not ideal to be worn at all times for the long term. Of course, wooden rings are also something you can easily have engraved or made for you with your own special design, so if you want something custom at a low cost, there is also this aspect.

Black Wedding Rings

Choosing a classic wedding ring style with a different design twist is becoming a popular way for people to add some individuality to the tradition. Different metals to the classic gold and platinum, such as titanium and stainless steel, are becoming more widely used for wedding bands, as are colored rings. Black wedding rings are a style that is really making a statement at the moment, creating a chic look that will go with anything and which looks stunning as a matching pair, but which can also be a bit more understated than a gold ring.

Some others prefer hammered tungsten mens wedding rings, or rings with enamel or stone inlays to create colored effects can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, and there is something to suit just about every taste and budget if you shop around.

Not Rings at All!

Some people don’t want to wear wedding rings at all, whether because they don’t really like the tradition, or because it is simply not practical for them to wear rings all the time due to their jobs or hobbies. If you would prefer not to wear a ring but like the idea of having something that you and your partner share that symbolizes your marriage, then you can choose other jewelry, such as matching pendants or wristbands, or even get matching tattoos! Find the perfect site to gamble online – Australian online casinos Alternatively, you can simply give each other a meaningful gift to mark the occasion, which may not be matching, and may not be jewelry, but can be special to you. Ad: whiteboard matteret folie til vinduer

Whatever you use to mark your special day, you only need to be sure you like it!


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