Equipment Every Female Traveler Needs for Adrenaline Adventures


Female travelers, especially when traveling solo, need to ensure they are prepared for their own adrenaline activities. Packing for a vacation is never easy, especially when you need to travel light. There are several vital items that no woman should travel without; here we will run you through the essentials.

If you are into adrenaline adventures, you will probably need to limit what you pack, because you will be responsible for carrying your luggage for much of the time. The type of activity you are planning and the services provided by the tour company that you are going with will largely determine what you need to pack. Before you pack anything, call the tour operator and ask what, if any, equipment they provide on the tour and ask how much walking is involved.

Hiking and touring

If you are going on a classic hiking and touring vacation, you need to get a good quality, frameless backpack. This is the only way to comfortably hike long distances with your luggage.

Even if you will be mostly walking around towns and travelling on trains and coaches, a backpack allows you to walk through crowded streets much easier. It is important that you can carry all of your luggage and equipment with relative ease because you never know when you might have to trek a few miles.

A good backpack must be waterproof and have several pockets and compartments, rather than one large storage area. Also, ensure that a part of it can be locked with a padlock. Lockable zippers are much better than the traditional drawstrings.


For a cycling vacation, the most important piece of equipment is obviously your bicycle. Ensure that you have a good repair kit with puncture repair gear and spare inner tubes. Invest in some high quality panniers so that you can carry as much luggage as possible on the rear of the bike.

Cycling can be a very intensive activity so good clothing that is designed for exercise is important. Cycling shorts, plus spares, are absolutely vital. Compression garments can be used for physical activities such as cycling, they offer better support, help with blood circulation and can help prevent cramps. Compression sleeves, such as those sold by, provide both the comfort and support that you will need for a hectic vacation.

Water sports

If you are planning to do a lot of water sports, you need to ensure that everything is waterproof. Take a waterproof cover for your phone and get a waterproof watch. A small dry box that is kept in your backpack will also provide extra protection for your belongings.

Make sure your clothes are quick drying and consider taking your own mini clothes line kit so that you can hang up your wet clothes to dry after a day’s activity.

Invest in a pair of polarized goggles that provide protection from the sun and water; being able to see clearly at all times is vital for your personal safety and enjoyment.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to be fully prepared on an adventure holiday. Being well equipped can be the difference between wishing you had stayed at home and having the time of your life.


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