Solo Traveling in Australia: Top things to know


Australia is seemingly an enormous but rewarding tourist experience for a solo traveler. Experiencing ‘London in the sun’ or Sydney alone can be ecstatic and stimulating. Embellished with the ombre red magnificent and gigantic Uluru-Kata, the extensive Great Ocean Road and the daunting Daintree National Park summed up with friendly locals and a backpacking culture, this continent is a haven for solo travelers.

Wondering if Australia is the next destination for you? Here are some tips to help you survive a solo trip to Australia.

Choose suitable accommodation

Hostel accommodation rates are quite low compared to hotels and are also social hubs for solo travelers. Most hostels will also have social events that will help you to meet other travelers. Mingling with travelers and hostel providers during your stay will help you to get insightful information on places to visit in Australia and help you make adjustments to your travel itinerary.

How to get around

Experiencing the vastness and richness of Australia is irrefutably time-consuming. Flying may seem like the most convenient travel option, but domestic flights are a bit costly. From the airport, you may take a Sydney airport shuttle to the destination of your choice instead of waiting longer than necessary on taxi lanes. Road tripping or taking the train are considered safer, adventurous and pocket-friendly. Accessibility to remote areas for a solo traveler is made easier by self-driving or getting a tour guide. Hiring a campervan for one’s road trips may also be a remedy for curbing spending as the van may double up as an accommodation facility.

Meeting new friends

Australian locals are warm and welcoming. This makes it effortless to engage in a conversation that will help one understand their culture and country intimately. It is also helpful to learn a few words in the local language. Being an exceptionally large country, traveling from one point to another may require long hours on the road and this could avail the opportunity to have cheerful and insightful conversations with one’s travel companions. However, as with all solo travels, don’t reveal too much information about yourself or your travel plans. Also make sure to stick with the usual path when traveling.


Australia is an expensive country so be prepared accordingly. Prices for food, accommodation and especially long-distance traveling comes around to be a lot. But there are ways to curb it. Australia is a backpacker-friendly destination and you will be able to find cheaper deals if you keep on digging. Food, lodging and traveling can cost starting from AUS 60.

Food costs

While budget does need to be considered when traveling in Australia, getting one’s stomach full is not a costly affair in Australia. A visit to the Melbourne’s market or Canberra provides you with fresh and tasty food, especially fresh seafood from a range of stalls at affordable rates. Solo travelers also have the option of making their own food at homestays thus reducing the cost further.

Drinking out

Drinking out is a common social activity in Australia, just like in almost any other part of the world. The legal age for drinking in Australia is 18. It is common to drink out with friend and you might be expected to drink when hanging out with locals. The cost for alcohol is higher compared to the US and UK since Australia has the highest alcohol tax. There are alternatives to alcohol that you can order however, as always, make sure that you are surrounded by people you trust when going out drinking.

Find a backpackers job

Traveling around the biggest island in the world requires enormous resources and ample time. The availability of a work holiday visa to Australia makes it easy for a solo traveler to become a temporary working resident while still affording an opportunity to explore its infinite wonders. It is advisable to match the job location to the activities that they have prioritized. Fruit picking is a popular backpacker’s job that can be done on a holiday to Australia. It is of importance to know the policies and requirements for certain jobs such as bartending where one requires an RSA certificate.

Keep safe distance from wildlife

Snakes and spiders are presumably the worst fears for travelers to Australia. However, no one is solo traveling to seek a snake bite. Just be extra cautious and avoid hitting a hopping kangaroo in the wilderness.

Traveling alone gives one freedom to live their wildest dreams and explore extensively with minimal interruptions and setbacks. It’s a path to self-discovery, conquering one’s fears and enjoying the experience without compromise.

Have you been to Australia? What are your top tips? 



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