How I Take Care of Sensitive Skin While Traveling


For me, trying to maintain sensitive skin while traveling is one of the most difficult and exasperating parts of the whole adventure.

I’ve found that a strict minimalist approach works best, and below are a few dependable, non-prescription products that are always in my beauty bag. I can assure you that these suggestions are all my own, and have become my favorites after a LOT of trial-and-error over the years.

Face Wash & Lotion

As I mentioned in our gift guide, the Clarisonic Mia 2 has been a godsend for me.

Even though it’s bulky, I still made room for it while traveling through Southeast Asia for several weeks and on a road-trip through Chile.

Cleanser: I use Cetaphil face cleanser with the Clarisonic. These two together help reduce redness and leave my face brighter and calmer. And if you skin is rebelling and nothing else is working? Fill up a 3 oz. bottle with hydrogen peroxide and go to town. Beauty is pain, right?

Also, flying seems to bring out the worst in my skin. I go on the defense by using the Clarisonic in the airport bathroom, then pat on Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Serum. On the plane, I keep cucumber face wipes close to freshen up, and dot on a little more serum if needed.


We all know the sun is the biggest problem for long-term skin care. I like Clinique’s SPF Face Cream for daily sun protection. It’s non-greasy, and you can put powder on top without feeling like your face is melting off. I use SPF 30 and it does a great job protecting my face from the rays. Constant exposure to UV rays can lead to melanomas, visit your dermatologist if you are in need of skin cancer treatments.


I’m writing this from the Midwest, where I’m reapplying lotion constantly and battling a cold sore that comes with the weather changing every hour. Target’s Abreva knock-off cream is my one and only for cold sores, and the tiny size lasts forever. The Releev 1-day Treatment is also AWESOME.

For lip balm, my go-to is EOS coconut oil.

our favorite products for sensitive skin while traveling


My panda eyes are permanent, but I do love Sephora’s De-Puffing Roll-On. I am starting to use it more as I get older, and am pretty happy with it so far.

When you’ve come off a long flight and want to look refreshed, try Grace + Stella’s Depuffing Under Eye Masks. These babies really are like an energy drink for your eyes. We’re pretty obsessed with them.

If you want to impress people around you, consider that breast lift.

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Do you have sensitive skin while traveling too? We’re always on the lookout for skincare suggestions – add yours below! 


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