6 Ways to Stay Fit on Your Next Beach Vacation


You’ve worked hard for your body and it shows. You’re fit and you want to stay fit. But you also want to have fun while you travel. We totally get it!

If you’ve booked a vacation to an exotic beach destination and don’t want to come home with an additional five pounds in fried coconut shrimp and pina coladas, we have good news: the answer is balance and moderation.

Before you jump ship on all the hard work you have accomplished, take in to account the following five tips to help you steer away from gaining weight during your trip.

How to stay fit on your next vacation.

1. Be Careful With Buffets

If you have ever traveled to any type of beach resort and have experienced the buffets, you can expect there to be copious amounts of food.

Luckily, there is usually a good selection. Go ahead and grab a pastry but avoid the trap of going back for seconds or thirds. Instead, garnish the rest of your plate with island fruit and grab a flavorful glass of fresh squeezed juice. Try to keep your plate as healthy as you can, so you can indulge in other areas.

2. Get Your Dance On

It’s almost a given that any island getaway will stumble and twirl you upon a dance event. Whether it’s a luau on the beach or a disco in the city, dancing is a phenomenal way to get in some serious cardio and stay fit without even realizing it. Read these Beachbody on demand reviews 2020 to get more health and fitness tips on how to get that beautiful beach body.

3. Go Bananas

Have you ever ridden a banana boat? If not, you are in for a real treat.  This yellow blow-up ‘boat’ seats around seven people and is towed behind a motor boat at super speeds for a rough and tumble ride! You will be laughing so hard you won’t even notice that your biceps and forearms are throbbing from holding on so tight. Ride a banana boat while on vacation and you will feel like you have lifted weights for hours at the gym. What an easy way to stay fit!

4. Lay off the Beer

Don’t hate me, but I couldn’t avoid adding this tip in. The thought of laying shore-side underneath a cabana with a corona in hand brings salivation to my mouth as well.

You don’t have to cut out beer completely, just be careful not to over binge; beer causes bloat, unhealthy food cravings and hangovers, which ultimately leads to more unhealthy food cravings. Try to limit yourself to one or two beers a day, or just have a glass of wine with dinner.

5.  Pack On-the-Go Girl Snacks

Many of us will choose to venture out from our initial ‘landing’ destination to explore. If you plan to engage in several road trips while on vacation, plan accordingly.

Road-side food vendors are some of the tastiest yet richest and saltiest foods. Pack healthy snacks from a local market to abstain over-gorging at street-side vendors. This doesn’t mean you have to skip them all together, but by the time you stop to eat, you will already be full on healthy snacks, leaving room for a delicious side of your choice.

If you follow these tips, by the end of vacation you will come back without packing on more then you came with.

6. Use the Beach for Workouts

Beaches are awesome backdrops for your cardio. The sand makes running or even walking that much more challenging, which can lead to great results! Plus, walking on the beach is almost meditative. Chances are you came to the beach to enjoy it — why not also take a long walk while your friends are reading on the sand?

What have you done to stay fit while traveling? Have any other tips on staying active and healthy while on vacation? Let us know.


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