How to Stave-Off Depression During Self-Isolation


In the midst of COVID-19, we are all likely practicing social distancing and staying at home. Stress levels are high because of the health threat. Being isolated at home has the potential to cause even more stress and depression, to prevent these symptoms you can start by taking hemp distillate, this will help you to be more relaxed and prevent anxiety.

If you use CBD to treat anxiety, CBD and cannabis products are increasingly available from online specialists such as Zamnesia in capsules, tinctures, liquids, and powder forms. If you’re interested in combating depression naturally, you can consult medical cannabis doctors in NY and other states where medical marijuana is legal in order to get approved for a medical cannabis card.

Here are tips for how to prevent depression during self-isolation.

Create a Routine

It’s important to make some sense of the chaos that your home may have turned into. Your employer may have you working from home. Your kids are home from their closed school. You might have been laid off from work.

These changes can possibly lead to more depression. You should strive to achieve a routine with these tips:

  • Eat your meals around the same times each day
  • Wake up and go to bed on a regular schedule
  • Keep your children moving through a routine around creative activities, meal times and playtime

Get Outside Each Day

This isn’t a time when you can travel very far or get around other people. However, you should still make it a point to get outside. Go for walks. Get exposure to the sun. Depression can be staved off by movement and sunlight.

Get Help With Serious Depression

Don’t allow serious bouts with depression to go untreated. If the stress of the coronavirus situation has turned into a deep depression, then it’s important to look into treatment options.  In addition to understanding how antidepressants can help, learn about TMS treatment and how it works. TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It’s a process for stimulating the brain’s nerve cells by using magnetic fields. Explore TMS if other methods haven’t worked to help your depression.

Use Video Chat Software to Stay Connected

Feelings of depression while isolated can sometimes be overcome by simply connecting with loved ones. Video chats with friends and family go a long way in establishing a human connection. Here are some video chat options:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • FaceTime
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Hangouts

Use Humor

Don’t be afraid to seek out reasons to laugh during COVID-19 and social distancing situation. Being silly and laughing helps when you’re feeling any sense of depression and PTSD. It’s a serious situation that we’re living through. However, humor will help you maintain a more positive mental attitude.

Make fun of the situation with friends and family. Tell jokes. Watch funny movies and TV shows. Laugh a lot. It will help during this time.

Use Gratitude

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t like about this situation. Taking the time to think about what you’re grateful for is a great way to feel better. Use gratitude by thinking of at least one thing you’re happy for. Smile about it. It will help lift your mood.

Take a Break From the News

Don’t watch negative news all day long. Pay attention just long enough to be well informed. Stay off Google and news updates that pop up with new virus infection rate information. Change your focus by finding something fun to do instead. Read a book. Engage in a hobby you’ve been meaning to do for years. Play a game.

Use these tips to get through this odd situation. Pay attention to any feelings of depression. Reach out to loved ones and let them know when you need help. There will be better times ahead for all of us.


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