Experiencing Rhythms of the Night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


If you love dinner and a show, then you can’t miss experiencing Rhythms of the Night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This ‘magical and mystical journey through Mexican time’ is an experience like no other, complete with indigenous dancing on a secluded island—and a decadent dinner and open bar to follow.

My night began by climbing on board a small boat that would take me and the other guests to the secluded Caletas Island. From the moment our boat left the dock, the drinks were flowing and the energy pumping. But the real adventure began when the boat arrived at Caletas Island. The only sound was that of the steady beat of drums echoing across the water; the only sight was that of thousands of candles and torches flickering through the night sky. It was absolutely magical.

I then found my way to my seat in the outdoor theater pavilion. Set against a stone pyramid, surrounded by jungle and beneath a starry night sky, the setting was utterly romantic. Rhythms of the Night is similar to Cirque du Soleil; it tells the story of Mexico’s ancient civilization through contemporary dance troupes, fire dancers, acrobatics, and riveting live music. The choreographer actually trained at the Cirque du Soleil academy, hence the similarities between the two. The performance does not have a chronological story line, but rather is filled with illustrations of the myths and legends of pre-Hispanic civilizations. At times it can be difficult to understand the various plots and myths, but the visuals are so mesmerizing that it hardly matters.

After the performance comes the highlight of the evening for many: the buffet dinner. Though typically I’m not a fan of buffets, the food was extensive and mouthwateringly delicious. Dishes included steak, seafood, BBQ, guacamole, salads, bread and more. While I would have preferred more authentic Mexican touches (Mexican cuisine is one of my favorites!), there was no denying that the food was fantastic. Bottles of red wine dotted each table, and refills were, of course, bottomless.

Once we had devoured as many calories as possible, there were options to laze in one of the hammocks or walk along the candlelit beach. The view was so breathtaking that I found myself lingering at my table to enjoy it while sipping my wine until the boat was ready to depart.

The total experience is $115.00, which includes an open bar, cruise, candlelit buffet dinner, and dance show. It’s a pricy experience for Mexico, but one that I would certainly do again—especially on a romantic getaway. You can learn more on their website here.

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