5 Safe Cities for Solo Female Travelers


When you make the decision to go traveling, there are a number of decisions that go through your head. Where will I go? How long for? How will I finance it? Who will I go with? If you’re making the bold decision to answer the final one however by going by yourself, then this in turn opens up a whole new host of concerns.

Safety is, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns for women traveling on their own. Staying in reliable accommodation and observing cultural practices are just some of the issues that lone female travelers have to deal with, before they even consider where to go. If you’re daring to go it alone however, here are five of the safest and most fun destinations for women.

Hilo, Hawaii

There are few destinations more beautiful than Hawaii, and Hilo promises a combination of gorgeous landscapes and a friendly atmosphere. Known as the ‘Big Island’, Hilo is the largest settlement on the island, with more than 40,000 friendly locals to interact with. Make sure you visit Akaka Falls State Park, which features a 400-foot high waterfall, and be sure to snack on some local chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. 

Maui is just a quick flight away if you want to end your holiday on a high note. There are numerous Maui resort rentals that do nightly rates.

Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian capital offers plenty for the lone traveller in terms of multiculturalism: on the border of Quebec and Ontario, visitors can practise their English and French. Canada has been in the headlines a lot recently; for one, they are just starting to become more lenient with their online gambling laws, so if you do find yourself stuck for something to do, you can always pass the hours at Jackpot City. That said, with the plethora of local markets offering everything from jewelery to artisan cheeses, there’s little chance you’ll get bored any time soon.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland offers a mixture of quiet serenity and the hustle and bustle of more than a million residents. For the lone traveller however, it’s a great place to reflect – take a stroll along any one of the white sandy beaches or relax in the thermal springs at the Waiwera Thermal Resort. With chatty locals, you could soon find yourself making friends and sailing around the city’s beautiful ports.

Oslo, Norway

Scandinavia is known for being one of the best areas on the planet for the equal treatment of women, so there’s no excuse not to take a trip to the Norwegian capital. The Vigeland Sculpture Park features art unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, while the nightlife in Oslo is a great way to unwind.

Malmo, Sweden

Nearby Sweden is a safe city that has been on everybody’s radar in recent years after it won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. There’s far more to Malmo than singing, however: it’s a great city for hiking or boating, and you could even try your hand at a round of golf. It’s also known for its eco-friendly shopping choices, so you can buy a few souvenirs without feeling guilty.

What safe cities have you been to?


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