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We’ve all used the phrase, “It’s Greek to me!”  when describing something completely, totally over our heads. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be! At least, not if you learn a few phrases at home before boarding the next plane to Athens.

While traveling in Greece, I was struck by how proficient people were in English—especially young Greeks—but there were many times I wished I had a bit more linguistic fodder at my disposal. Well, here you have it: the essential Greek phrases to help you stay safe, see some beautiful ruins, and generally fall in love with Greece!

The phrases below are written phonetically in the Latin alphabet, but if you want to learn how to read the Greek alphabet, check out this website for a great basic guide to modern (and ancient) Greek letters and pronunciation!

Hello                                   Yia sas

Goodbye                             Antyo

Good morning                   Kalimera

Good evening                    Kalispera

Please                                  Parakalo

Thank you (very much)   Efkharisto (pAra polY)

Yes                                         Nai

No                                          Okhi

How are you?                    Pos eisai/elste?

I’m sorry/excuse me        Sygknomi

My name is______         To onoma mou einai_______

What’s your name?          Pos sas lene

Do you speak English?   Milate anglika?

I need…                               Prepei na echo

I need a doctor                 Chreiazomai ena giatro

Tampon                               Tampon (pronounce the “p” like a “b”)

Birth control                       Elenchos genniiseo̱n

Bbirth control (specifically the pill) Antisylliptiko xapi

Condom                               Profylaktiko

I have…                                Echo

Urinary tract infection      Loimo̱xi̱ tou ouropoii̱tikou systimatos

Yeast infection                    Molynsi̱ zymi̱s

Help                                       Voithia!

Leave me alone!               Ase me isychoStop!                                     Stamata!

I would like…                     Thelo̱

How much is it?                Poso kanei?

The bill, please                  O logariasmos, parakalo

Where is…                           Pou einai…

Pharmacy                            Farmakeio

Station                                Stathmos


A huge efkharisto to Katie Lamb, Katerina Ragkou and Christina Kolb for their help with this post. Any errors remaining in it are mine and mine alone.

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