Meet More People by Traveling Solo


Nervous about traveling solo? Don’t be!

The funny thing about traveling solo is that you are actually rarely alone, unless you want to be. Here’s how you can meet more people while traveling solo, and how it can happen on it’s own at the same time!

Being Approached Happens

Whether its in a hostel lounge, at the nearest tourist spot, or sitting on a bus, people will want to talk to you. This is a natural part of humanity. Solo travelers are naturally much easier to approach than couples or groups.

If you leave yourself open to these momentary connections, they can transform your itinerary from simple sight-seeing to a deeper understanding of the culture you are visiting and forge unique memories that come with the serendipity that only travel can provide.

Enhance Your Contacts with Others and Learn

The tour guides, taxi drivers and street vendors you encounter daily are more likely to take off the veil of customer service to joke around and talk with a solo traveler. Take the opportunity to try the local language, find out more about their everyday lives and add an unforgettable dimension to your trip. Who knows, you might be lucky and get invited to a local dinner, party or wedding!

Joining Together

Other solo travelers will want to join forces so you can compare notes and share adventures! They could also have ideas on new destinations to explore and will definitely help you save money when negotiating better deals!

A Fresh Start with Everyone

Meeting someone that is unaware of your past and won’t necessarily be in your future lets you be completely open with each other creating an incredibly strong bond, often more meaningful than life-long friends from home. So go join those brave souls cooking in that barely functioning hostel kitchen or accept that invite to stroll around the city with someone who barely speaks your language. The people you meet while traveling have the potential to change an overrun tourist spot or a bad travel day into a special memory that can never be repeated.

At some point you will depend on other travelers or locals; maybe you will need someone to share a cab with or directions to the bus station. Regardless of how it happens, these are the moments of vulnerability that crack open the doors to deep conversations and memorable friendships. Simply smile, say hello and open up to the possibilities of all the people you meet!

How have your people experience been when traveling solo?


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