Polish Phrases Every Girl Should Know


Cześć! Moje imię jest Angelica Wilk. From Polish into English that means… Hi! My name is Angelica Wilk.

I can see you all getting confused with the “ś” and the “ć”, but fear not!

The Polish language is one of the most complicated in the world. Writing it looks hard, speaking it can be even harder, but it’s all do-able! I am the first born Polish girl of my generation and have studied the language throughout my life. I’ve visited the country over 10 times to visit my family, friends, and travel.

Whether you’re trying to speak with someone who is Polish, of you’re planning on visiting, here are Polish phrases every girl should know.

Tip – Writing these phrases down may help more in communicating due to the hard pronunciations of some words. I’ll try to explain how to pronounce some words as best as I can so you can know how some of the letters sound!

Keep it Simple

Hi / Hello – Cześć  (pronounced like cheshchsch)

Good bye – The same – Cześć  OR Do Widziena

Good morning – Dzień dobry ( pronounced like gen dobry)

Good evening – Dobry wieczór (pronounced like dobry vyechur)

How are you? – Jak się masz? (pronounced like yok she mosh)

I’m good – Dobrze

And you? – A ty?

Yes – Tak

No – Nie

Please – Proszę

Thank you – Dziękuję

I’m sorry / Excuse me – Przepraszam

Introducing Yourself

My name is – Mam na imię

What’s your name? – Jak masz na imię?

Do you speak English/Polish? –  Czy mówisz po (Angielsku/ Polsku)?

Just a little – Tylko trochę

I like Polish – Lubię Polski ( I hope you do! )

Tip – By now you have seen the letter “ę” a lot.  It’s similar to “en” or “em” with more emphasis on the e and hardly making the “n” or “m” sound.

Help with Directions, Getting to Places and Womanly Needs

I’m lost – Zgubiłem się

Can you help me? – Czy możesz mi pomóc?

Where is the bathroom/pharmacy? – Gdzie jest (łazienka/ apteka)?

Go straight! then turn left/ right! – Idź prosto i skręć w lewo/prawo!

Can you say it again? – Czy możesz to powtórzyć?

What is this? – Co to jest?

I don’t know – Nie znam

I don’t understand – Nie rozumiem!

What? Where? – Co? Gdzie?

I have to go – Muszę iść

Hold on please – Poczekaj chwilę!

I will be right back – Zaraz będę z powrotem

Leave me alone – Zostaw mnie

Help! – Pomocy!

I have my period – Mam okres

I need birth control – Potrzebuję antykoncepcji

I am pregnant – Jestem w ciąży

I need a doctor – Potrzebuję lekarza

The Romantic Stuff

I like you – Lubię cię

I love you – Kocham Cię

Do you want to go out with me? – Chcieć wychodzić z mną

Hi handsome – Cześć  przystojny

Hi beautiful – Cześć  piękna

Do you want to have .. .(insert anything here or “sex”) – Chcieć  mieć sex?

The Fun Stuff – While You’re Out at a Bar/Restaurant

 May I please have a beer? – Poproszę piwo

A glass of red/white wine/vodka please – Kieliszek czerwonego/białego wina/ wódkę proszę

One more please – Jeszcze raz proszę

When is closing time? – O której zamykacie?

No matter what, just try your best in communicating. All Polish individuals learn English in school so they’ll probably be able to figure out what you’re trying to say, or bring this post handy with you!

Have you ever been to Poland?


About Author

Angelica is the Online Editor for Go! Girl Guides. She is a Double Psychology Major who loves to travel to paradises around the globe. While hopping around islands and other jaw dropping beach destinations, she enjoys documenting her journeys as The Paradise Blogger. She enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and trying new food.


  1. Angelica, this is a pretty good list, and I’m glad you wrote it. Most of the things you wrote are right, but there are some (small) errors. I hope you won’t mind me making some suggestions.

    Firstly, the dz in dzień dobry (and in general) is pronounced like the ds in “woods.”

    Secondly, Polish, unlike English, has genders–female, male, and neutral. Considering that this site is dedicated to women travelling solo, all verbs should be in unless you’re talking about someone else. Therefore: I’m Lost–Zgubiłem się(male) should be ZgubiłAm się.

    Nie znam has a closer meaning to “I don’t recognise” or “I don’t know (someone, something)”. You would use it to say “I don’t know this place, city, person.” As such, if you’re going for the English phrase of “I don’t know” (I don’t know if I can go with you to the hotel) then you use “Nie wiem.”

    You can also use “Zaraz wrócę” for I will be right back.

    Hi Handsome–Cześć przystojniaku.

    One more please–Jeszcze jednego poproszę. (raz is for counting–raz dwa trzy–and can be used in certain sentences).

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. I need lots of really romantic (but humorous) phrases for a lovely polish lady. “I would like to catch a massive fish and cook it for you” for example

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