Simple East Coast Getaways for Smart Women


Intelligent women certainly want to use their brains on vacation, but it won’t be a vacation if you’re working overtime. Here are three East Coast cities that strike the right balance: they’re filled with history, art, and culture, yet they’re still low-stress and user-friendly:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly’s quite a large city, but it never feels imposing and it’s prepared to guide its tourists in the right direction. The subway is easy to use, but you might not even need it. So many attractions are within walking distance of each other: Independence Hall (birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), the Liberty Bell (no one knows why it’s cracked), the U.S. Mint (one of six operating across the country), the Betsy Ross House, and more.

If you’re a history buff, these could easily occupy an entire day. We also recommend taking a self-guided walking tour of Philly’s enormous murals; check out the Mural Arts Program for details and to download their podcast.

Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston feels relaxed all around because of its friendly vibe, warm climate, and walkable downtown district. Just wandering the streets will reveal some stunning antebellum mansions, and sometimes it seems like the whole city is one big flower arrangement. You’ll definitely feel like you drifted back in time, especially considering that Fort Sumter (where the Civil War began) lies just across the harbor, accessible by tour boat. Charleston loves its high culture, so if you’re in town during the world-class Spoleto Festival, a night at the opera is mandatory.

And if a girl can’t take herself to hear some beautiful classical music, what can she do? There’s also Piccolo Spoleto, which focuses on regional artists.

Washington, DC. The nation’s capital is a must at some point in your life, and so many icons are concentrated in one accessible area. Whether you’re American or not, there’s something incredible about seeing where the most powerful man in the world lives and works, i.e. the White House, aka the backdrop for Scandal. The National Museum of the American Indian, part of the renowned Smithsonian, is among the finest institutions of its kind. Museum buffs could spend day after day there on the National Mall, and at the far end you’ll see the Capitol.

While there’s never been a woman in the Oval Office, there’s something incredible about knowing that the most powerful women in the country are just across the street.

Where do you go for an easy yet intelligent vacation?


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