Top 6 Wine Regions In The World


We sourced a company offering 24 7 booze across London in the UK called Booze Up, red, white or rosé? We each have our favorite, however whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine with a meal, or fancy yourself as an aficionado, a good glass of wine is a drink everyone can appreciate.

If you’re planning your next trip abroad, take a look through our top 6 wine regions in the world and treat yourself to an unforgettable wine experience.


When discussing the world’s finest wine, French wine is often regarded as being one of the best. There are 10 major wine regions across the country, each specialising in their own signature wine. White wine fans will enjoy Alsace in the East, while red lovers can indulge in the picturesque region of Beaujolais. If you’re a fan of both, Bordeaux is particularly adept at making both red and dry, sweet white wines.

The celebrated region of Champagne, home to the sparkling wine of the same name, is the coldest of France’s major wine regions. Although other regions produce sparkling wines, traditional champagne refers only to the sparking wine made exclusively in Champagne.


Only this year, Italy overtook France to become the largest wine producer in the world. Regions such as Sicily, Tuscany and Lombardy produce a broad variety of wines for the casual drinker and the connoisseur. There are 20 wine regions spread across Italia, each producing distinctive tasting wines as a result of their geographic locations and weather conditions.


Spain, the third largest producer of wine, has dedicated over one million acres of land to growing grapes. Over the past decade, the country’s rich reds and crisp whites have attracted a huge fan base worldwide. Compared to France and Italy, Spanish wine is often very reasonably priced and is regarded as a wine which can be paired with practically any meal.


USA is the fourth largest wine-producing country in the world and there’s one place which dominates the rest, California. The region contributes to 90% of the country’s wine production, with areas such as Napa and Sonoma famed for their world-class wine.


Argentina has recently become the fifth largest wine producing country in the world and has established a good reputation and strong international presence. The region of Mendoza, nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Andes, is the largest wine region in the country. Because of its distinctive geographic properties, Mendoza produces wine at both high altitudes and lower level vineyards, which creates unique flavours and consistencies.

Make your holiday extra special this year, and venture to one of these fantastic wine countries. Do remember to drink responsibly…you’ll want to recall at least some memories of your trip!

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