How to Hone Your Travel-Writing Skills


Travel is one of the most innate human hobbies that every culture takes part in. Everyone wants to see the world so that we can find our place in it, but writing about that experience can be difficult. 

Sharpening your travel-writing skills is just as difficult as strengthening any other muscle. Get to know what you’re capable of doing by studying the world around you: and trying some of these awesome ideas.

Read Other Travel Blogs

Reading other travel blogs may feel like cheating, but it’s an awesome way to research what type of writing other people respond to and what you like or dislike in travel blogs. Starting a travel blog is like writing the longest how-to book on Earth, so it’s important that you learn as well along the way.

Watch Documentaries

Documentaries are an awesome way to ensure you get a new spin on how to introduce information.  Of course, your blog is mostly words and photos, but the scripts for these documentaries can help you learn how to be descriptive and inviting to those who are reading your blog.  Don’t be scared to practice writing a travel blog based on a documentary about an area to hone your skills.

Hone Your Photo-Taking Skills

Photos are just as important as the words next to them.  If your photos are shaky, grainy, or uninteresting, people may not even bother to skin the article you’ve written.  Include images that show off the beauty of the area, and give those who visit your blog the chance to feel like they’re there with you.

Although you can update your camera and pay for a great one, you don’t necessarily have to in order to get good pictures.  The average phone camera in modern times is good enough to take professional-level pictures.

Be Honest About Your Experience

One of the most important things you can do is be honest about your experiences in whatever city or country you’re in.  People will want to know what the experience is truly like, and will be uninterested if they feel like they’ve been lied to.  This means being honest if something bad happened: but also avoiding blowing anything out of proportion for drama.

Get to Know the Locals When You Travel

The locals are the most important part of any area you visit.  They call this space home, so it’s a good idea to be respectful and gain some insight from them.  Getting to know them may also offer you insight into the city you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  They can show you parts of the country that will ensure your blog or e-book stand out above any other.

Be respectful at all times.  Even if a dish doesn’t taste good to you, explain why respectfully, and don’t allow yourself to come off like you’re looking down on it.

Travel Writing is an Incredible Opportunity

Travel writing gives you the chance to travel the world for your career while also getting to have fun.  Make the most out of it, and ensure you give a clear view of what the world is like beyond the city you live in.


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