5 Misperceptions You Might Have About Safari


Think you know a thing or two about safari? These five misperceptions about being on safari have been circulating the rumor mill—until now!

False Fact #1: You Can Only See the Migration From June to August

In truth, you can see the migration year-round from different parts of the Serengeti. Wildebeest are constantly migrating in a clockwise circle, which makes it possible to catch the migration at any time of the year if you position yourself correctly. Here’s where they are through the year:

Jan- Mar: Most are in the grasslands of southern Serengeti
April-June: The beest start to move south west, heading north along the west side of the Serengeti
July- Oct: north of the Serengeti and across the Mara
Nov-Dec: eastern Serengeti to southern

buffalo seen on safari in ngorogoro crater

False Fact #2: It’s Always Hot in Africa

This is a common misperception most travelers believe to be true. In actuality, there are some places that get properly cold! I recently spent a week at Asilia’s new lodge The Highlands at Ngorongoro Crater and it was chilly in the morning and evenings. Depending on where you go, bring a fleece to keep warm!

False Fact #3: You Have to Move Around a Lot to See a Lot

You don’t have to travel a ton to see the major animals you came on safari for- you can see quite a lot of things just by staying in one area. You have just as much of a chance of seeing a Rhino in northern Serengeti as you do in the South. Don’t stress out about trying to see everything—stay still in one area and enjoy it. You’ll still see a ton of wildlife.

zebras at the ngorogoro crater

False Fact #4: Thread Count Matters

Don’t let luxury persuade your decision– choose by location. Staying in a mobile camp that’s closer to the Maasai Mara during the migration, for example, is better than staying somewhere because of the gold bathtubs on the brochure. Being on safari is about the outdoor experience, not about where you stay. Sure, there are different levels of comfort for different budgets, but the most important thing is that you’re close to the action. The Asilia Olakira camp, for example, is right on the edge of a famous river crossing.


False Fact #5: All Safaris are the Same

Don’t think you’ll see everything you want to by coming on safari once. In truth, this is the start of a massive exploration of this continent. Each time you come, you’ll experience something new and exciting. The most important thing is that you get yourself here, asap.



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