New 10-year China Visa for American Passport Holders


I know I’ve been writing about China a lot lately (and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!) but I have great news for American passport holders traveling to mainland China.

China is now offering 10-year tourist and business visas to American passport holders.

The cost is still the same – about US$140. Now, there’s always a chance when applying for a China visa that things will go awry, and there’s a possibility if it’s just your first time applying for a visa that they’ll try to only give you a single- or double-entry, so double-checking is key.

With a 10-year visa, you still can only enter for 60 days per entry. Your passport must still be valid for at least one year when applying. And here’s the best part – if your passport expires before your Chinese visa, just bring your old and new passports with you when traveling in China and you’re golden.

You can get the visa Chinese consulates or through visa services. In HK, China Travel Service, or CTS, is popular, but service fees will run you another US$100.

Happy travels! Have you gotten the 10-year visa yet?


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