Touring Hong Kong’s Haunted Houses


Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to look at some of Hong Kong’s most haunted houses. From the generally spooky to the downright scary, these haunted houses are an easy way to spend a free day around Hong Kong with a generous helping of goosebumps to cool you down in the heat.

1. Nam Koo Terrace. If you only visit one place on this list, make it this one. Up a long flight of stairs on Ship Street, this fenced-off colonial brick building housed many “comfort women” for Japanese soldiers during World War II, and many of the women were tortured and killed. There’s a guard on watch 24/7, so it’s almost impossible to get in. Construction is going on right next to the building, but that doesn’t dampen the sad, heavy feeling permeating from the walls. If you go at night, you might see green fireballs flying past the windows. Go with a group, in case you become possessed and subsequently hospitalized, as a teenaged girl did in 2003.

2. Dragon Lodge. Seeing this much square footage empty and abandoned on HK island just makes my stomach hurt. This mansion, located on the Peak, has done no good to its tenants. The first owner went bankrupt, the second committed suicide, and then Japanese troops took over and beheaded Catholic nuns in front of the house. The house is allegedly haunted by a sorrowful child, but no report of angry headless nuns.

3. Sai Ying Pun Community Complex. My favorite neighborhood of Sai Ying Pun has several old buildings that up the humble charm. One of them is the Community Complex, built in 1892, which was possibly used as an execution hall by Japanese troops. To make it even creepier, it then became a mental asylum. And then there were two fires inside as well. The extreme negativity takes the form of a figure dressed in traditional Chinese clothing that bursts into flames on the second floor.

These three are easily accessible on foot or by public transportation, and are all on Hong Kong island, and they are just quick sampler of HK’s many haunted locations. Happy haunting!

What’s your favorite haunted location?


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