6 Romantic Places to Get Engaged in Oregon


Oregon is stunning, from top to bottom and East to West – and absolutely bursting with romantic places that are perfect for proposals! 

If you’re in love in the PNW and you want to share that love with someone else (maybe for the rest of your lives, eek!), and are thinking of getting engaged in Oregon, then this post is for you. Here is our top list of romantic places in Oregon for an engagement. 

From national parks to iconic developments, this list will help you set the mood – taking at least one big thing off of your to-do list before your proposal.

I hope they say “yes!” 

1. Painted Hills 

These iconic hills were formed after millions of years of volcanic activity deposited layers of ash and iron and minerals. The result is nothing short of stunning. Though the park is relatively small, it is full of little hikes that you can do — the longest being only a mile and a half. Spend the day walking through, taking in the sites, and as the sun begins to set, drop down to one knee and wow her with this three stone engagement ring

Painted Hills are iconic and usually relatively empty, giving you plenty of space and time for your special moment together. The Painted Hills top our list when it comes to where to get engaged in Oregon! 

2. Cannon Beach 

Haystack Rock is perhaps the most “Oregon” destination – a frequent visitor on our state postcards! You can get a front-row view of Haystack Rock by visiting Cannon Beach. This iconic area was made famous for its appearance in the movie The Goonies and really is breathtaking.

Make a weekend of your visit by staying on the beach at one of the many hotels or campgrounds. Though the area isn’t very big, there are tons of little cafes and shops to wander through if you ever get tired of being on the beach (don’t know how that’s possible, though!)

Then, get creative! Maybe you write your proposal in the sand? Maybe you have the ring hiding behind a sandcastle with a bottle of champagne? There are so many creative ideas for beach proposals that don’t break the bank. You can’t go wrong with Cannon Beach! 

3. Multnomah Falls

Though this site is one of the most popular in the state, it is truly a marvel. Our iconic waterfall with a bridge is a stunning site for an engagement. And, you’ll have plenty of people around to help you take photos and celebrate! 

4. Crater Lake

Get engaged in Oregon at Crater Lake! This magical blue lake is one of the state’s greatest treasures and our only national park. Spend a weekend driving around the rim of the crater and enjoying it from different angles. No two views are the same! 

If you’d like to stay in the park, you’ll need to book a room at the Crater Lake Lodge. Rooms come in at around $200/night, but taking in the view from their rocking chairs on the rim is one of the most spectacular highlights!

Smith Rock State Park is a great place to get engaged in Oregon.

5. Smith Rock State Park

If you love to hike, get lost in nature, and soak up desert formations, then Smith Rock State Park is the perfect place for you. Located just 45 minutes from Bend, Oregon (also a city you should not miss!) Smith Rock State Park is unique for its location and rock formations. It’s also a popular destination for rock climbers. 

6. Bridge of the Gods

Stretching across the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, the Bridge of the Gods is a stunning feat to behold, and the best place to view it from is Thunder Island, where you also get a view of the Cascade mountains. This gorgeous destination is perfect for a proposal — but it’s best in the morning hours when the sun is still high in the sky! 

There you have it, folks! We hope this post has helped you figure out where to get engaged in Oregon and that your engagement goes well. We love love, and hope that yours lasts a lifetime. Good luck! 


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