Why You Should Choose Patagonia As Your Next Destination

Why you should travel to Patagonia.

Any passionate traveler should visit Patagonia.

With its beautiful glacial fjords and dense rainforest in the Chilean area, mesmerizing deserts and grasslands in parts of Argentina, it is one of the most scenic and stunning parts of the world.

Here are just some of a few reasons as to why it’s one of our favorite areas, and why you need to visit Patagonia ASAP.

Untouched Nature

Barren, wild, and more than beautiful: these are the words that can describe the land on South America’s southern frontier.

For nature lovers, Patagonia offers numerous potentials of experiences and landscapes that create a sense of wonder. Choose between connecting with crystalline waters of its lakes and rivers, hiking through lush and green mountains, or visiting natural protected land areas.

In the vastness of it all, you’ll feel humbled by Mother Earths’ beauty and realize how important it is for us to cherish it and take care of her.

The Southern section of the Andes mountain range is in Patagonia, as well as steppes, grasslands, deserts, icebergs, huge lakes, rivers, natural national parks, and two coasts that are quite long.

Drive Route 40

The lakes that are found along mythical Route 40 are spectacular.

Those lakes are special because of pristine rivers that flow into them, forests that are untouched by the human hand, and imposing mountains that surround it. Be prepared to pull over frequently!

If you are planning your Patagonian adventure and are unsure where to start, click here to gather some inspiration. It’s a massive place that’s also super popular for outdoor adventurers, and it can be just a bit overwhelming with the amount of tour operators and options.

Patagonia is an incredible destination and you should go there!

Wildlife Experience

From alpacas and llamas to foxes and penguins, there’s no shortage of wildlife in Patagonia. Visitors that are visiting Torres del Paine National Park, commonly see guanacos — the hairy cousins of alpacas and llamas.

They roam the fields freely and carelessly, so keep an eye out while driving! Armadillos, local foxes as well as huemuls that are a small breed of deer, can be found there. Keep an eye out on the sky as well, and you might just catch a glimpse of the largest flying bird in the world, the Andean condor

Other animals commonly found in Patagonia are lesser rheas, owls, Magellanic woodpeckers, and songbirds. You may also get lucky and see a puma!

As for the creatures of the nearby ocean and Tierra del Fuego, there is a bounty of marine life from dolphins, hunchback whales, sea lions, and even several diverse species of penguins. 

Suitable for all Ages

Another great thing about Patagonia is that it is ageless — there are lots of places to visit and activities to do, no matter what age you are.

Take a quiet family vacation, or visit with a group of friends and find activities that are adventurous for everyone. Depending on your level of activity and fitness, options abound. Go horseback riding, paragliding, kayaking, camping in the mountains, or, just drive along Route 40 and take in the sights from the car. The choice is yours!

Yummy Food

Patagonia is also known for its local organic plant growth and production of sweet berries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, and blackberries. You can imagine what kinds of delicious jams, ice creams, and liqueurs local people make with these fruits!

You might also find a variety of smoked foods. Trout, deer, wild boar, or even a salmon can be “served on the plate” and are typical to eat in this region. Not to mention the chocolate (divine!).

The best thing about Patagonia is that it is universally protected, so that all can enjoy it. The lakes, rivers, glaciers, and grassy pampas, are as wild as it can get and do not belong to anyone.

Hopefully, this area of the world will remain protected so that we may enjoy it for centuries to come.

Have you been to Patagonia?


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