City Highlight: Paraty, Brazil


A coastal town set amidst a tranquil backdrop of forest, waterfalls and an aquamarine sea, Paraty, Brazil was recently named as one of the top 5 cities to visit in South America, according to Conde Nast Traveler. With cobbled streets that line the city center, historic churches, and a short drive to nearby beaches, it’s easy to see why this charming little city should make it on to your “Must See” list when visiting south America.

What to do?

The county of Paraty is set in the Atlantic Forest preservation area. The park features larger then life waterfalls, refreshing stream-water baths, and mystical mossy stones that line your path as you make your way deeper into a seemingly fairy-tale forest wonderland. If the thickness of a forest doesn’t tickle your fancy, try venturing out to the charming fishermen’s village of Trinidade, that has a selection of superb beaches that brag big-surf, or calm and tranquil waters, depending on what you are looking for.

Where to eat?

With an abundance of seafood and rich culinary delights, Paraty has been claimed as having some of the best food in Brazil. To enjoy some of the most mouth-watering tasty little shrimp, check out Cheiro De Camarao, a beachside eatery with a rustic feel and some of the best seafood offered in the area. If you are looking for something slightly more “upscale” check out Banana de Terra, as the famous Chef Ana Bueno prepares a mixture of artsy cuisine with a beautiful atmosphere and a great wine list to match.

Where to Stay?

The top choice for a back-packers budget is conveniently named, Backpackers House Paraty and offers cheap rooms and a friendly atmosphere. The hostel also offers organized tours that can be booked at reception. If you crave a more luxurious setting, check out the charming bed and breakfast, Casa Turquesa, categorized as a “boutique hotel” that offers bright and airy comfortable rooms, a plentiful breakfast, tea-time, and late night dinners to satisfy your mid-night appetite. This luxury of course comes with a hefty price-tag, so unless you pre-book and score a great deal, plan on spending close to $200 dollars a night. Hey, if you have been traveling on a shoe-string budget for a few months and want to spoil yourself rotten, maybe this can serve as your ultimate  pamper.

Will you go party at Paraty?


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  1. Nice suggestions. Paraty is simple amazing. I love this place. I live in Rio de Janeiro and i suggest this places to see in Paraty.

    1- Waterfalls of Cunha
    2- Praia do Sono – amazing desert beach with a waterfall.
    3- Trindade
    4- Shambhala Spa to relax
    5- Visit to Saco do Mamangua Peak

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