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If you find yourself traveling through the central part of Bolivia including cities, such as Cochabamba and Sucre, make sure you take the time to escape on a sweet and short little day trip to a small fishing village called “Angostura lake”.

Angostura is a charming artificial lake residing a mere seventeen kilometers outside the city of Cochabamba. It is a perfect getaway for frazzled city residents or any traveler who wishes to escape the claustrophobia of crowded Bolivian cities.

The lake was originally constructed back in 1945 with the support of Mexico to create a dam that provides irrigation (over 75 million cubic meters of water) to the district. Now, because of its size and tranquil setting, La Angostura serves as a popular retreat for both tourists and locals alike.

There are few highlights if you decide to visit this quaint little fishing community:


Since Bolivia is landlocked, its much harder to find a good dish of fish that’s fresh and safe to eat in most parts of the country. The fish in Angostura is by far some of the tastiest and richest in all of Central Bolivia. Try the troucha, (trout) which is served fresh, head and tail attached, garnished with a side of rice and papas fritas. The pejerrey, (a small silver fish) is equally as delicious, served fried and in epic proportions. All the fish served here is scrumptious, just be careful as you chomp because bone splinters are plentiful.


Taking a boat ride among the tranquil lakeside horizon is both relaxing and enchanting. If you close your eyes you almost feel as though you are on the ocean- almost. You can either take a short tour from any of the docks at the base of the lake, or opt to take a ride in a pedal boat for two. While there is not much activity going on alongside the perimeters as far as inhabitants, the calmness and scenery provides the perfect sanctuary for retrospection and relaxing. Head here a few hours before sunset so you can watch as the sun humbly disappears behind the mountains.

If you are near Cochabamba or traveling centrally through Bolivia, I highly recommend this as a unique and delightful little pit-stop.

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