Discover: Margarita Island, Venezuela


Margarita Island may be one of the most sought out tourist destinations in Venezuela due to its pleasant climate, gorgeous beaches, and reputation for being one of the safest places to travel in the country.  Located off the northeastern coast of the mainland in the Caribbean Sea, Margarita Island is easily reached by either taking a ferry from the mainland, or catching a thirty -five minute flight from the capital city of Caracas.

If you only have a few days to spend in Margarita Island, below is a list of MUST-SEES , MUST-DOS and MUST-STAYS.

Must Do: Beaches

Being an island, Margarita Island is circumvented by a plethora of stunning beaches that will provide you with the perfect setting to sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of an island life.  Whether you are craving a big beach, a small beach, a crowded beach, or anything in between, Margarita Island has about every type of environment you are looking for. Pampatar, is a quaint beach that is occupied by the local fisherman, nearby swimmers and offers a “tranquilo” (relaxing) atmosphere with small waves and an observable and safe place to swim. El Tirano, located on the north side of the island, is probably the least infiltrated by tourists and offers a low-key and delightfully charming patch of white sand lined by coconut trees and grassy knolls. La Playa del Agua, is a good choice if you are looking to intermingle with other tourists, bargain with the beach peddlers, and eat at a decent restaurant that serve local Venezuelan cuisine like, “pargo” (red snapper) and other tasty shellfish dishes.

Must See: La Restinga National Park

Accessible only by boat,  you can either book a tour, or travel independently, (which I recommend) to the lush wild paradise of La Restinga Natinal Park. Explore the enchanting variety of flora and fauna, while gawking at a medley of wildlife including, starfish, oysters, cranes and seahorses. La Restinga National Park is a short boat ride from the Guard’s Dock, and you can barter with the local boatmen for a reasonable price. Allot yourself at least two hours to enjoy the sites, and unwind afterwards with a plate of fresh oysters offered for as little as 1 U.S dollar by the native people.

Must Stay: Posada Villa Del Sol

If you are looking to save on money, but not skimp on moderate luxury and accommodations, I recommend checking into Posada Villa Del Sol.  This quaint, yet ideally located Hostel/Hotel is equipped with nine private rooms, and three casitas (houses) that can sleep several and are fully equipped with a kitchen and a living room. Wifi is free, and shower water is hot. It is located just 150 meters from Playa El Agua, but also offers a private pool. The best part about this hotel is its price tag ; rooms run from 17 U.S dollars, (for a private twin room) to around 25 U.S dollars for double private room. In any case, this is by far the best location and setting to take the authentic vibe of Margarita Island.


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