Spotlight on Kunduchi Beach


Next up in the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Beach series, right after South Beach, is Kunduchi Beach. This wide stretch of white sand along the Indian Ocean is clean, inviting, and full of sandbars, allowing you to wade far away from the shore and look back at the coastline.


Getting There

Kunduchi is about 45 minutes north of Dar es Salaam (without traffic) and a little past the boat for Mbudya Island. You can rent a car and drive, take a taxi, or take the Kunduchi daladala (for much cheaper) up Bagamoyo Road along the coast and get off at the compound gates. There is no beach fee.


Things To Do

Kunduchi is known as basically the only place in Dar where you can receive lessons for kiteboarding or rent equipment if you are already an experienced kite boarder. This extreme sport looks easy as you glide through the water and catch air after a wave, but it’s actually quite technical and requires ten or more hours of lessons to get the hang of steering the kite and balancing on the board. Lessons cost $44 per hour and are also offered in package and group rates. Kunduchi is a great place to go kite boarding because the wind is strong and the water is shallow for a long stretch, allowing you to practice without a major threat of drowning.


There is also a Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park in the vicinity. There are water slides, swimming pools, and even a go kart track. It’s a great place to bring the kids, and spend the day as it’s open every day from 9:30 to 6. Tickets cost from 10,000 to 14,000 depending on age and the day of the week.


Where to Stay

If you are visiting Dar, you can easily come to Kunduchi for the day. But if you decide to spend several days at this more secluded spot, then the Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort is the most luxurious place to stay. This expansive hotel has a gorgeous interior, lots of amenities, and it’s situated directly on the beach. There are pools, terraces, restaurants bars, and a band all closely located, making it a convenient transition into paradise. Other hotels located nearby can be found here.


You can’t visit Tanzania without basking in the equatorial sun and cooling off in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. The spotlights on the Dar es Salaam beaches will help you decide which is best suited for you.

Which beach would you visit first?


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