Spotlight on South Beach, Tanzania


South Beach, or more accurately beaches, is the next destination on Tanzania’s Beach Series (the first being Mbudya Island). This area is not very difficult to reach, and can accommodate all types of travelers. Don’t get it confused with South Beach, Florida either, although that is a beautiful destination as well.

Here’s the easy what-to-know’s for South Beach, Tanzania:

How do I get there?

When departing from Dar es Salaam, you must either drive two hours around the bay via Highway B2, or take the five minute Kivukoni Ferry either by car or by foot. Since most travelers won’t have their own car, the ferry is highly recommended. It costs 200 Tanzanian shillings (about $0.12) on foot and 1,000 shillings for a car and the ferry leaves from the port in downtown Dar es Salaam every 15 minutes.

Once you land on the other side, you step off the boat and in to Kigamboni, a small coastal village consisting of shops and houses that stretch for about 500 meters after the ferry port. The fact that you are less than a kilometer from the bustling and crowded Dar es Salaam city center seems incredibly strange.

From here, you have at least 60 kilometers of beach nearly bereft of tourists and populous resorts. There are a number of bajajis (mini taxis) waiting around the ferry terminal that will take you anywhere want to go. The fare is roughly 1,000 shillings per minute, but feel free to bargain for a better price.


Where to Stay and Adventures?

For wealthier travelers, you can choose from Ras Kutani Resort and Protea Hotel Amani Beach. For budget travelers, good resorts to stay at are Kipepeo Beach and Mikadi Beach. Both have cheap bandas (huts) on the beach, or space to camp and gear to rent. If you are truly adventurous and either bring or rent a tent ahead of time, there is plenty of open beach along the way to camp out.

Most adventures are just more fun when you make an attempt to get off the beaten tourist track, and it helps you learn about a country more than just staying at a resort. Visiting one of the beaches in this series will ensure you a more authentic Tanzanian experience.

Have you wandered off  the South Beach in Tanzania?


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