Taking a Plane to Zanzibar


As a traveler or an expat in East Africa, Zanzibar is most definitely a place you do not want to skip over. Whether you’re coming for a beach vacation of a lifetime, or for East Africa’s biggest music festival Sauti za Busura, or for the rich culture of Stone Town, Zanzibar should be a top priority.

To get here you can take the ferry from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, or take the more expedient route and fly. Here are your options on how to get to this beautiful island:

From Dar es Salaam, there are several airlines to choose from. The main options are Precision Air and Coastal Aviation. Prices are typically $60-80 for one way, but can vary according to which day and which month you fly. Other airlines include Auric Air and ZanAir. The best part about flying is that you are only in the air for a maximum of thirty minutes! And the view out the small 12 seater place is magnificent; blue water in varying shades stretches for miles.

Recently, Kenya Airways created a direct route from Nairobi to Zanzibar for around $250 round trip, which of course can vary. The flight takes one hour and 40 minutes, but is much more convenient than coordinating a flight to Dar and then to Zanzibar, if you happen to be in Kenya instead.

The airport in Stone Town is just outside the main part of the city, so you will have to take a taxi to get anywhere. If you arrange it ahead of time, your resort or hotel may be able to pick you up for an added fee. Otherwise there are plenty of cabbies in the parking lot waiting to be of service.

No matter what your method of transport, Zanzibar is sure to be a memorable experience. Before you go, read about how to dress in different areas of the island, and be knowledgeable of their reserved Muslim culture. Have a great time!

How did you get yourself to Zanzibar?


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