Tanzania: An Untapped Gem


Tanzania is one of those places you can visit over and over and over again, because you know that each new trip will guarantee an amazing adventure. The entire country—the food, the people, the landscape, the incredible diversity—radiates excitement, exuberance and thrill. Whether you’re traveling with your boyfriend, your family, or a group of single girlfriends, Tanzania is sure to make you really recognize all the reasons why it’s great to be alive.

Still not convinced? Here are five great excuses to hop on the next flight to East Africa:

1. Stone Town, the capital of the island Zanzibar, feels like Greece, Croatia and Tel Aviv combined. You could easily spend hours wandering the maze or cobblestone paths and admiring the diverse architecture, or shopping for bright fabric and vibrant works of art. You could get lost drifting from one spice shop to the next, or pass an entire afternoon strolling along the sea, watching fishermen drag their latest prizes to shore.

2. Northern Zanzibar is both the next greatest spring break location and the next most romantic honeymoon spot. Parts of the northern shores are lined with “party resorts,” and thus teeming with young (primarily European) tourists. Each night, different resorts host different themed parties, and no matter your age, after a couple of days there, you’ll feel like you’re back in college again. Other secluded beaches, however, are perfect for romantic getaways. These private resorts will make you believe you are on your own private island, whether you are lying in the sand or sailing offshore on a dolphin tour.

3. Tanzanian people could write the book on how to make tourists feel welcome. Whether you are in a small village or in the bustling capital of Dar es Salaam, everyone you pass will greet you with a kind word and a smile. While traveling on a rickety old bus meant only for locals, a stranger sitting to my left gave me one of the many bead bracelets from his wrist “as a symbol of friendship,” and sure enough, by the end of the two-hour ride, we were great friends.

4. Make all your childhood Disney movies come alive! I spent three days on safari during my trip, and while it’s a close call, they may have been the greatest three days of my life. Nothing compares to sitting five feet away from a snuggling lion couple and their cubs, or to stopping your jeep to let an elephant family cross the road.

5. The scenery is breathtaking! Tanzania’s landscape is incredibly diverse, ranging from tropical islands, to lush mountains, to dry, seemingly endless plains. No matter what you fancy, Tanzania is sure to have it!

 Have you ever been to Tanzania?


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