4 Fab European Holiday Ideas for Solo Traveling Women


Europe is one of the best continents for a solo adventure, given its relatively affordable cities, fantastic food, and friendly people. Plus, with a ton of different train and bus options, traveling overland through Europe is a breeze. As a solo female traveler, the options for you are endless. I recommend to Check this website euflightcompensation.com if you are looking a good airline service.

Craving wild nature? Fun and parties? Or a peaceful surrounding and good transport? Here are some ideas for solo traveling holidays in Europe.

Here are some ideas for a holiday in Europe.

1. Glamping in France

France attracts millions of tourists from throughout the world. The country has beautiful mountains and beaches, which makes holidays enjoyable. Plan to visit the snow-covered peaks of Mont Chamonix to the romantic boulevards of Paris.

There are a lot of activities to do in France, ranging from wine tasting, hiking, and visiting beautiful destinations such as Alsace’s charming villages and the lavender fields of Provence. With the many outdoor destinations to visit, it is reasonable to go glamping in France. Glamping cannot be separated from France’s holiday destinations. It is more favorable to go glamping in the north and south of France.

2. Wild Camping in Scotland

As a solo traveling woman, another beautiful place that you may want to visit is the Scotland highlands. The rolling glens and towering mountains cannot be found anywhere else across the globe. 

Scotland has maintained a beautiful nature making its isolated highlands a subject for various TV shows, films, and books. If you are looking for some time to meditate alone in the wild, Scotland is the best place to be.  You can visit the west highland way, Outer Hebrides, or Cairngorms National Park, where wild nature is abundant. If you get too cold though you can always spend a few days of luxury in a characterful Scottish cottage or, if you’re feeling wild after camping, go and rent one of Scotland’s amazing castles. A perfect way to mix up your European adventure and feel like an actual princess at the same time. 

Ideas for a fun holiday in Europe.

3. Cycling Holiday in Portugal

Portugal is an amazing destination for celebrating holidays in for tourists that love cycling. Portuguese are welcoming, and the landscapes are breath-taking.  There are several travel companies that offer a unique and unforgettable cycling tour package as well as cycling rentals. They will offer you all the cycling services, including accommodation and equipment rentals.

Cycling across the Douro Wine Valley route takes you through UNESCO world heritage valley, passing by terraces loaded with vines. On the other hand, cycling through the Rota Vincentian route will take you to        the South Western tip from Lisbon.

 Through cycling, you can get to the beautiful Alentejo wine region at the heart of Portugal. However, ensure you are well loaded with healthy foods, sunscreens, and extra memory cards for your camera. Plus, there are luxury villas in Portugal where you can stay as you make the most of your cycling holiday.

4. Hit the Hot Springs in Iceland

Since the settlement era, natural hot springs and hot tubs have always been part of the Iceland culture. Citizens of Iceland love to swim and bath, and a lot of benefits are attached to swimming in mineral water. 

Most swimming pools in Iceland tend to be geothermally heated; thus, they are cosy and warm throughout the year. Swimming pools are places where one can unwind, socialize, and workout. The blue lagoon and the secret lagoon are some ideal pools for a solo traveling woman.

Get Out There

If you are planning for your first solo European trip, the above places will make your trip exceptional. Although you are travelling solo, you will have a great time exploring Europe and its vibrant cities. Use the above holiday ideas when you plan your next trip.


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