9 Great Tips for Visiting Dublin


After a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland, I have found a new favorite city. One perk to Dublin is that it’s easy to explore the city on a budget since many of the national museums and the parks are free.

Here are some great places to visit in Dublin.

1. Kilmainham Gaol

The Kilmainham Gaol is definitely worth the admission cost. Take a tour of one of the largest unoccupied prisons in Europe to learn about the prison history, Irish history, and to hear stories of the people that occupied cells in Kilmainham Gaol.

2. St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green is a beautiful park located in the center of Dublin. It makes for a great, peaceful break from the busy city.

3. Jameson Tours

Both the Guinness and the Jameson Whiskey tours make for a fun day. Hang around for your free pint or whisky drink, but be sure to book tickets online for a discount and to avoid the lines.

4. Phoenix Park

And on the list for next time is exploring Phoenix Park, one of the largest parks in Europe, via bicycle.

Travel Tips

If you’re up for it, most of Dublin is walkable. Just throw a raincoat in your bag, so you’ll be prepared for the random rain showers and you’ll be set!

If you get tired of walking, there are always cabs available. I hear there are more cabs in the city of Dublin than in New York City! Now I haven’t verified this, but I never had an issue flagging one down.

The public transportation is good once you figure it out. I highly recommend asking the locals or a tourist center for the best options to get around.

There are public buses, two Luas lines, and the DART trains. The transportation is fairly inexpensive and gets you around the city, to the suburbs and along the coast. I found the train system challenging to figure out, but the Irish are extremely friendly and helpful so ask around if you get lost.

If you’re a bicyclist, dublinbikes has stations located all around town. It’s possible to rent and return the bikes anywhere.

I love this idea and enjoy biking, but think it would have been a bit of a challenge with all of the car and pedestrian traffic. I think I’ll stick with biking in the parks.

You can’t talk about Dublin without mentioning the pubs. There are pubs on every corner to enjoy, but I would suggest you ask the locals for a recommendation when you arrive. They’ll tell you their favorite spots to enjoy a pint of Guinness!

Here is the official tourist site for Dublin with many tips for exploring the city. There is also an official Visit Dublin app available to download for free, which is helpful when navigating the city.

What are your favorite Dublin sites?


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  1. I loved Dublin and wished I spent more than 24 hours there. The Guinness Tour is awesome. We used our free token to learn how to pour the perfect pint. It was amazing. I also liked the Jameson tour, as well. It was pretty cool how they had things set up, but the Guinness was by far cooler. The food was amazing on the 4th floor, I believe.

    Also, a side note to Dublin. Don’t expect to see much on a Sunday. We stupidly went on a Sunday to spend 24 hours in this great city. Half the stuff was closed or didn’t open until later in the day. And naturally, they closed between 5 and 6.

    We walked everywhere, except for taking a cab to the Jameson. We were in a hurry. We did go to the famous Temple Bar, but just for tourist reasons only. However, we ended up having a great time and stayed there all night. They had two bands playing. I can’t say if the atmosphere is like that all the time, but that night it was great. Although, it got crowded and harder to get a beer.

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