Why You Need to Travel to Berlin in Summer


Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the formerly divided city that attracts thousands of people each year for its culture, arts, and history. In winter the city is blanketed in snow and temperatures drop freezingly low. In summer, the city is a vibrant and bubbling contrast.

University has broken for the summer and the city is full of holidays students and creative and families and well everyone. Summer lasts until almost October, especially for those living outside of the US who don’t have to return to school in September. There’s still time to visit Berlin during summertime and here are some reasons why you should go:

The Music

Berliners make the most of the warm weather and hold countless outdoor festivals and concerts in the summer. Called ‘Open Airs’ there is an assortment from organized and advertised events to small underground events in abandoned buildings. Alternatively, simply go to any park in the city and you will see local bands and musicians jamming and playing together.

Refresh in a lake

It may be the Aussie in me but I find nothing more novel than swimming in a lake! Cool off from the summer heat and jump on a bicycle and discover one of the many lakes that are on the outskirts of Berlin. Here you can cool off, laze in the sun and people watch.


It wouldn’t be Germany without a good German beer and summer is the perfect time to down a stein. Head to one of the many beer gardens and sit outside in the ambiance. Or for something more relaxing grab a beer, a blanket and have a picnic next to one of the many lakes and rivers in the city just like the locals do.

Pedal Boat

Want to take in the sites instead of walking? Consider hiring a pedal boat and taking to the many rivers that run through the city. The Spree River is a great one to travel along with grassy tree-lined banks on one side. Pedal out to the Molecule Man statue, a famous thirty-meter-high three man statue that is situated in the Spree River.

Enjoy sightseeing in the sun

There is something much more enjoyable about walking around Berlin along the tourist trail in the summer. The sun is shining, and you can stop and take as long as you want to look and take in the many sites. Even just taking a stroll around the city to look at all of the street art and street-side cafes is enjoyable. Without the harsh winter winds and rain you can take copious stops to sit and rest in parks and watch the many street performers before wandering off to check out the Brandenburg Gate from all angles.

Sightseeing is, indeed, fun in Berlin. Temperatures swing between seasons, soaring high over 30ºC in the peak of summer. So, have sun protection ready such as a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen or SPF lotion to protect the skin. Bring a water bottle and drink a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration and heatstroke.

Finding accommodation in Berlin for summer 

Berlin is a fantastic city to spend your summer. It has everything you could possibly need for a great holiday or workation (music festivals, art galleries, culture, great food etc). If you’re looking for accommodation for the summer, there are websites such as Homelike where you can find apartments in Berlin for rent. Other alternatives include Tripadvisor and Booking.com.

Booking early is advisable to avoid rushing things during the holiday or vacation. You’ll really get better deals if you book early, saving you money that you can use to buy nice-to-have souvenirs for your loved ones at home. Choose to book in June during summer because the weather is at its best. Prices are lower prices than in July and August. 

The weather can get rainy and chilly at times even if it’s summer. So, make sure you bring your comfortable jacket or coat too. You’d then be all set to see all of Berlin.

Have you been to Berlin in the summer? What was your favorite thing do to there?


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